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My White 2 Playthrough Part 2!

Posted November 3rd, 2012 at 5:27 AM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Well, with first badge in hand, I head outside the Gym, I'm ambushed. No, nobody wants to throw down, but I get a whole bunch of unwanted phone numbers for this newfangled phone gizmo that I didn't even know I had. I also get that dreaded, Satanic piece of equipment called the C-Gear. While I would've liked to tell Bianca to shine that C-Gear up real nice, turn it sideways, and then point out exactly where she could shove that thing, I couldn't get a word in edgewise. Damn her hyperactivity!

After all that confusion, and with me wishing this region had a "Do Not Call" registry, and wanting to go all Chuck Norris on the moron who came up with the C-Gear, I proceed back to Route 20. That fat hiker dude finally lets me pass after I grind him into the ground, and sadly, I see no evidence of South Carolina's capitol city on the way to the next town.

At least this place, Virbank City, has a more normal sounding name than the places I've been thus far. As I enter town, I find a verbal argument going on in front of this town's fake Red Roof Inn. This captain guy apparently wants to be an actor but the young lady with spiky, bleached hair will have none of it. So he goes running off, then she storms off in disgust. Okay, then. Time to hit the industrial complex south of town. There aren't any Pokemon here that I'm crazy about adding to my team, but it's a good training spot nonetheless. While I'm there, the manager of the place wants me to get his workers "fired up" by battling them.


How would having me go in there and slaughtering their teams with my Pokemon, motivate them? Wouldn't that discourage them? If you really want to get them motivated, why not try increasing their salaries or offer them better retirement or benefits packages, or perhaps three or four more days of paid vacation? More comprehensive dental and health plans or heck, even "Casual Fridays" could go a long way toward boosting employee morale.

Whatever. The business world in these Pokemon regions sure works in an odd and mysterious way.

After I get my fill of training here, it's off to the Gym, which is...

Quite the shady place. It's in some basement, the place needs renovation and remodeling badly, and this dude Clyde insists on giving me Fresh Water when Lemonade is clearly the better bargain. The sort of hard rock music the band here plays isn't my cup of tea either. Oh well, all the more reason to wrap things up here quickly.

Lisa vs. Roxie

Despite its purported high defense, Koffing goes down easily to a Fake Out followed by a Pursuit courtesy of Ashley. Not knowing if Venipede has the dreaded Poison Point ability, I play it safe by having Howard take it on. Once again, two hits is all it takes - Thundershock followed up by Electro Ball.

Well, after that fight (and an unsuccessful attempt to demonstrate real music to Roxie by doing my rendition of Amy Grant's "Baby Baby"), I get accosted by... a talent agent scout? Damn, I was hoping it would be a recruiter for an Ivy League school (then again, what Ivy Leaguer would be caught dead in this sort of place?)

So I guess it's off to the local movie production studio. Which I'm cool with, as I don't think it would be detrimental to my career plans. Besides, I haven't seen any evidence of any serious criminal threat yet. Sure there was that clown who said he was part of this "Team Plasma" but so far they seem more like a comedy troupe than a serious criminal operation like Enron. So onto the movies it is for a little diversion!

Current Team:
Vince (Dewott), Lv25
Ashley (Liepard), Lv25
Howard (Flaaffy), Lv25
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