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Music I like

Posted November 11th, 2012 at 11:11 AM by droomph

Thought since that people are doing the "my iPod" thing I might as well do one because I'm an amazing music listener if I must say so myself :p also if you haven't noticed I've wanted to do this for about five weeks but haven't gotten to it cuz I'm a lazy crapface

First up, the (couple of) songs I like the best!

I like this song because of the vocals tbh. It's something I stumbled upon, and the lyrics are just completely silly :p I love it, it makes me feel good to listen to it.

Jaded Future is probably going to be my top 10 favorite song for several decades, along with Zoology (I'm not going to show it cuz it's not a really song so to say and because I'm lazy) because it's just awesome. It makes me think about the things that will come, the things that I've done, the things that are inevitable...and on top of that, it's still not too "emotional" and has a pretty heavy beat and all the stuff I like.

I love every song that Feed Me does, but this one is particularly...beautiful, for a lack of a better term, to me, because..what can I say? It's awesome.

This one is a song I did last year in band. I loved all four movements, but this was my favorite, mainly because I'm spastic and I love songs that are like me. Sorta like a romantic attraction with it? I dunno.

Simply amazing, I say. Also, I'm doing this in band :D The beginning is pretty annoying because I have to play it soft, something my basson is incapable of doing until I can remember that jar of water.

of course you can see I like stuff that blocks out outside noise. I have some form of asd so it is painfully distracting to hear noises that aren't planned out to happen. But enough of me, listen to the songs!
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