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-500 LP! (diary)

Posted November 10th, 2012 at 11:00 PM by (Duzzy<3)

Today was rather warm. The renaissance festival was in town so I decided to bring my cousin along as a present for her; she has never been and Monday will be her tenth birthday. Ten was always a curious age, to me. Children are finally able to use more advanced forms of logic that their one to eight-year old minds were capable of perceiving before. Such as when I was explaining to her how if we were to have the same amount of money as we do now in the current age while living in the renaissance age, we would be considered high nobles, one instance she would have been direly confused by in her earlier years.

The renaissance festival was less muddy this year. Being in Louisiana with sporadic raining patterns always has you on edge about when it will rain down on your plans for the weekend. However, we had clear skies. She enjoyed the jesters, the jugglers, the jousting and the falconry shows they displayed. She especially loved the giant turkey legs they had for sustenance, though she was taken aback on where to start tearing into it.

The rest of my day somewhat took a wild turn in the opposite direction, but once away from the cause of my despair I was fining myself laughing and rolling with friends. It always amazes me. People say that talking about your problems for hours will make every peachy once more. I. however, do not hold this as true. I have always found, that rather talking about it, and having them state verbal support, them laughing with you on other things, while you know they support you emotionally is even more beneficial. Of course, we did speak about it, but not once did they say that I have their sympathy, because they did not need to. If they had to, I would not have gone with them to begin with.

It makes me think of the bunny again. I wonder if he still sleeps in his same burrow as he did that cool, rainy, June morning, or if he has found a much cooler, drier home to live in. Maybe, he enjoys the mud, and has simply devoted himself to his home, scraping the mud out after the rain has subsided. Perhaps it really would be quite simpler as a bunny. Eat, avoid predators with mad speed, scrape mud from my burrow, sleep, repeat. It truly sounds peaceful. But maybe, I have already made my burrow. Maybe my burrow is the non-verbal support of my friends. Maybe my avoiding the predators is my knowing that I may retreat into their arms when I need them most, and maybe the scraping of mud from my burrow is me erasing the fears and naysayers from my life. Maybe, in some sense (God forbid the literal), I am already a bunny.
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