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This entry contains JUSTICE (IV)

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This entry contains JUSTICE (IV)

Posted February 19th, 2009 at 3:53 PM by Alter Ego

((Continued from Part III. Character limit; is there something you're not telling me?))

Hobo Luke says:
Up to this point

We haven't had clear information on the substance used to murder the victim

However, when my client here showed me the bottle

I immediately visited the local perfume shop
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth and sweating*
Hobo Luke says:
And I asked if anyone in particular bought these bottles

And wouldn't you believe

She showed me her security camera



I delved further into this particular customer

And she said he stuck in her mind

Because he asked

If there was any potential perfume that smelled beautiful but was dangerous to digest

She then sold him 2 liters worth of a particular perfume that fit that description

Lucky for the court, this woman is very efficient in her record keeping

And wouldn't you know

Alter Ego says:
Hobo Luke says:
And I'm sure if we checked the contents of this receipt to the ingredients of the perfume

Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth*

*tosses head back*

...and that's it?

*smug smile*

That is your 'evidence'?
Hobo Luke says:
*puzzled look*
Alter Ego says:
*shakes head with smug smile*

Oh, Mr.Hobo, for a moment I thought you had gotten so far

First off, you will recall that for all her virtues, the good pharmacist hasn't got the best hearing

in fact, she is half-deaf

*que flashback*

'Sluts? There are no sluts in this town, sonny! Certainly not in machines!"

*end flashback*
Hobo Luke says:
Yes, I noticed that as well
Alter Ego says:
She clearly misheard my question


this perfume is a perfectly legal substance

and I bought it, as you have already deduced, for a gift

have you any evidence to prove that I INSTRUCTED THE DEFENDANT TO POUR IT IN HER FATHER'S DRINK?
Hobo Luke says:
*smug smirk*

This entire case

Has been marred by forged evidence

And lies

and deceit

For the longest time

You were my mentor Alter

Alas, we shall rely on this young girl's diary

As YOU yourself have proven

There is no trace of forgery found in this diary
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth and sweating*
Hobo Luke says:
Let us turn to the last page of the diary

"Today, a tall man came by. He said he was an old friend of daddy's. He gave me the prettiest perfume. But he told me it wasn't to wear. He said back in the day, daddy used to pour it in his drink to make it taste better. He told me to pour it into daddy's drink the next time I got him one.

I told him that daddy never let me pour drinks

So he said he'd show me how. He took the vial from me and poured it into daddy's favorite cup. He then said he had to leave but said to make sure daddy enjoyed the perfume he had bought me.

But then daddy died. Daddy looked like he enjoyed the drink though. Next time I see Mr. Ego, I'll ask him for some more so I can try it."
Alter Ego says:
*grit teeth silence*
Hobo Luke says:
It appears you neglected to read this page earlier

When used as evidence against my client.

Is there a reason Prosecutor?
Alter Ego says:
*tosses head back defiantly

*smug smirk*

It would appear that you are the one who has neglected to read their homework, Mr.Hobo
Hobo Luke says:
Alter Ego says:
If I may direct the court's attention to the entry from two weeks prior to the incident?

*leafs through diary*

"Dream boy came by again today and told me we would have to break up. 'It's not worth it' he said sadly. I pleaded with him, but he only shook his beautiful head sadly again. "I can't!" he said, "And this is why!" And then he tore up his shirt and exposed his chest to the sunlight"

"It was beautiful, diary, his entire body *glowed*."


Shall I continue?

Much like Mr.Hobo, our defendant has a VERY VIVID IMAGINATION

*shakes head with smug smile*

This 'diary' is also used to record her personal reveries and fantasies
Hobo Luke says:
*grit teeth and growl*

Is... is it over...
Alter Ego says:
Now, does the defense have more 'evidence' to present or shall we stop this farce at sparkling boyfriends?

*tosses head back arrogantly*

*stern face*
Hobo Luke says:
*throws down journal violently*

*picture falls out*


Sparkling boyfriend is just a figment of her imagination huh

*smug smirk*

((Continued in Part V: a sparkling boyfriend sheds light on the truth hidden beneath lies? Stay tuned, for more courthouse drama.))
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