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Down to Business

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Down to Business

Posted December 20th, 2012 at 9:57 PM by Squidchan

Soul Silver
I decided to do a restart of Soul Silver considering I hadn't played it in a while, and I had let someone borrow it so I couldn't start off from where it was left. I chose Chikorita as my starter, I'm begining to regret that a little though, as I'm having a little trouble. My team has not been very good lately, I've managed to reach Cianwood but was recently beaten by Chuck, and I'm right in the middle of trying again. I really need Fly.

My team consists of a Bayleef (Bayonet), Pidgeotto (Qantas), Gyarados (Murray), Togetic (Princess), Onix (Rocky) and Flaaffy (Tesla). I really want to change my team around a lot, and plan on getting a Water Stone from the Pokeathlon so I can evolve my Eevee to a Vaporean.

I'm very upset that my PokeWalker has died, but not surprised considering it's at least 2 years old.
Black 2
This is the game I'm really excited about. Currently on Route 6 and just saw Cobalion (which I didn't manage to catch in my Black or White games) and I really want to catch him!

My team consists of Dewott (Jefferson), Flaaffy (Rolly), Growlithe (Rex), Tranquil (Boeing), Ivysaur and Marowak. I love this team and it hasn't let me down so far! After I finish this blog though, I'm trading a Raichu from my Black, because he's my very favourite :D
While I have time on the computer, I will be working on making a variety of signatures (if I feel I am any good at it, I might even open a service for signature making! Free, of course). I'm actually not too sure what to say about this right now, but I'm not sure whether I want GIF signatures or not. I will definitely be working on an avatar as well, because as much as I like the one I have now, I need a new one, more related to my interests.
Life in General
Diana scared me so much last night, she was kicking and whining in her sleep. Never done that before, and I couldn't sleep until she settled properly, so I was very tired this morning. Otherwise, today hasn't been very eventful.

My next Blog will hopefully not be as long, as this is the first real post, I needed to include things I normally wouldn't...
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