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The GPod Blog #3: Reminiscing 2012

Posted January 2nd, 2013 at 11:23 PM by gunnerpow7

♫ The GPod Blog ♫
~ Blog Number 3 ~
Reminiscing 2012

New year, new format! The GPod takes a turn for the better with CSS and stuff! Expect more entries this year! Now for this first entry of 2013, we're reminiscing 2012 with 2 remixes I heard on Youtube which are awesome imo...

Robin Skouteris ~ Poplove 2012

+ The song is well constructed and beautiful
+ You won't get tired hearing this

- Unfortunately not all of the songs are from 2012 but are placed there just for the sake of balance.

GPod Rating ~ 9.9/10

Daniel Kim ~ Pop Danthology 2012

+ Many songs!
+ Different instrumentals were used
+ All are from 2012

- Most of the songs has small parts which kinda throws an imbalance
- Some songs have altered keys

GPod Rating ~ 9.8/10

That's all for this GPod entry! Tune in next time on the GPod!

*You get a tasty invisible cookie from me if you know where I got this CSS~
** I just noticed Katy Perry lool

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