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Posted January 5th, 2013 at 2:33 PM by droomph

Since 1) I have nothing better to do while I'm doing German homework and 2) I haven't embarrassed myself enough, I'll share some of my innermost secrets that I have on my iPod… :\ wow do I waste time.
Other Notes

W - wh
R - ur in middle
ğr at end
rr at beginning


yr - SVO verbs and on; transitive
en - SV only verbs; intransitive
at - adjective verbs/passive voice

yrha, ens, ataro - past
yrogga, innaso, at-tataro - future
imá - perfect tense (eg imá yrha)

-yr/-y, -en/-i, -at/-a - command
-ya, -es, -ará - suggestive
-yeb, -ema, -aro - request

Pronunciation for normal speech
A - all special a - a up æ down
C - pronounced as sz/s
Dh - pronounced as d/dz
Dz - pronounced as tz at beginning
E - all special e - e up æ/ea down
F - soft p/p
Gh - pronounced as r/h/g / h
I - ee /i/
Y - ue / ee /i/
Sc - c/sz
O - a/å up v,u/o down
Sz - dz/sh
Th - t/tz
Tz - t/tz dz at end
U - o/uo up u down
V - soft b/b


"Foot" - Length of foot for distance, height of head for height. Exception - monument heights (eg mountains) are measured in foots, not heads.
"Royal Foot" - Foot of the leader.
yerecus-eu/dyn jrcs iw/dn
lorea yerecus-eu - half foot (lit. dismembered feet)
merekuyea yerecus-eu - inch, twelfth of a foot (lit. shreds of feet)

Fractions - top ordinal-bottom ordinal scer number

Have to:
lyresz esz

Don't need to:
lyresz ryei

lyresz ryei lasze esz - lyreszeriszea-gwe

mea mė - ma tha
dzea ðė - dha dða
sea sė - sea tha
(szea šė - seo tha
scea śė - seo) tha
veit vät - vai tha
ter - itha itþa
ba - sea sė tha
Vesceau Veśėu - Vescu Veśu
vadza vaða - vo (me and him) tha
vedz veð - va (us all)
vitz viþ - vi (one)
hayuth hayutþ - you and them
the - reflexive (then thei thed)

-vatzi -vaþi reflexive (eg vovatzi v'vaþi, mavatzi m'vaþi, ithavatzi itþvaþi)

"Tha" - such as: "so and so", "such"; used when referring to self or someone that is not involved in conversation. Tha-eu, thau, and thu are all acceptable as a DO marker; however, tha-eu is used in more formal situations.
-eu, -[x]- noun -eur accusative
-il - plural
-gwe - adjectives
-er - adjective into nouns
-gwe->-[x] - noun adjectives
-dhe - possessive
-esz - negative
ryei- - positive
-gen - verb, infinitive
-gen->-[x] - verb for "tha"
-[~]gen->-e - verb, conjugated
-tak - noun verb
[-utak - verb noun, formal]
cabbage - cyelainá cjlijní
cat - eiren irn
character - karacet-eu krct iw
clothing - arako-dyn iriki dn
community - arekar-u irkr iw
country - eszecz-eu iščh iw
day - ghara-dyn (gift of the sun)
deity - freawm-dyn frwm dn
disaster - oroho-dyn irh dn
dog - vregh vrğ
!! foot - yerecus-eu jrcs iw "yeresz"
friend - vregh-eu vrğ iw
garbage - sciemidz-eu śjemð iw
gift - elesz-eu ilš iw
heat, warmth - ghara
(uncomfortable) heat, warmth - kyly
incline - scekysk-eu śksk iw
letter (mail) - dzeredz-eu ðrð iw
limit - limit-eu lmt iw
music - tentere-u tntr w
name, decree - berem-heu brm iw
no - esz iš
plant - samgen-heu
possessions - dhiki-dyn dhki dn
!! process, sequence - agtz-eu ağ iw
puppy - wel wl
revolution - oskeasz-eu iskš iw
scatter - scoummen-heu
shelter - szka-dyn šk' dn
shred, piece - mereku-hu mrkw hw
slide - scyky-u śkj iw
sound - aszan-heu ašn iw
spirit - giei-dyn
sun - ghara-u
(two) weeks - sam-dyn (plant of giving) ;because two weeks is the planting cycle.
word - tyeik-eu tjik iw
yes - ryiko rjki
(solar) year - ye-dyn (lit. one-giving)
(lunar) year - ye-u (lit. one-thing) ;because Solar year is base of calendar, and is reliable for farming, while lunar is not.
aggregation - niszig-eu nšg iw
boring - haso-gwe
dismembered, broken - lorea-gwe
good, conforming - ryea-gwe
middle - hinyea-gwe ('yea-)
reasonable - szeavea-gwe
scared - dhigea-gwe
together - calea-gwe
very - nerea-gwe
be - yr vi-gen
tha yr thu vi
mea yr thu vi
!! dzea yr thu seu
behave - en yoi-gen
tha en thu yoi
mea en thu yoe
cooperate - oroho-yoi-gen
tha en thu oroho-yoi
mea en thu oroho-yoe
dance - vanai-gen
tha yr thu vanai
mea yr thu vanae
vadza (srt.) yr vanai
do - yr sze-gen
tha yr thu sze
!! mea yr thu sce
exist - en vi-gen
tha en thu vi
mea en thu vi
!! dzea en thu seu
feel, touch - yr danaki-gen
tha yr thu danaki
mea yr thu danake
gather - yr modzi-gen
tha yr thu modzi
mea yr thu modze
help - yr bai-gen bij gn
tha yr thu bai
mea yr thu be
name, declare - yr brämi-gen
tha yr thu brämi
mea yr thu bräme
scatter - en/yr scoummeni-gen
tha en thu scoummen
mea en ma soummene
disperse - thei scoummeni-gen
tha thei thu scoummen
mea thei thu soummene
speak - en vastai-gen
tha en thu vastai
mea en ma vastae
taste - yr abhoi-gen
tha yr thu abhoi
mea yr thu abhoe
with - erei iri
scer śr - and sr. (lscer)
scel śl - since sl. (lscel)
scem śm - but sm. (lscem)
szev šv - or sv. (leszev)
szevesz švš - nor svs. (leszevesz)
scivam śvm - yet svm. (lscivam)
sath sth - so sth. (lesath)
heren...lethen - If...then hr...ln
compound conjunction - szale....[ś_] šili, szalesz šilš
Numbers (cardinal - ordinal)
ye yemsa ji jmsi
te temsa ti tmsi
ko komsa ki kmsi
uru urumsa wrw wrmsi
einei einisa ini injsi
iru irumsa jrw jrmsi
giriu giriemsa grjw grjmsi
e emimsa i im'msi
ou ouems w wms
roko roiems rko rwjms
Other sayings
come along! - scuya!
come on! - eiye! iji!
hey! - ei! i!
oh... - asci... iśj...
scer ryei the (srt.) - and those that are such (etc.)
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    what that suppose to mean
    Posted January 5th, 2013 at 2:57 PM by droomph droomph is offline
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    Used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment, or joy, or when reacting to something that has just been said."
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    that was

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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Comment
    Used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, disappointment, or joy, or when reacting to something that has just been said."
    I know that but like what does it mean
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