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Posted January 16th, 2013 at 8:18 PM by droomph

As I sit alongside the river, the wind hits my face gently, like a mother brushing something off of her baby's face. As should be expected of a mom, anyways. She provides food, water, and a place to live for her family, and fends off the bad things that lie ahead.

What is the "bad" thing, anyways? Is it like when I fall, and the feeling that comes from my leg after I fall? Is that what it's like?

Or perhaps, it's like when I do something that doesn't go with the rules, and my teacher comes up, and tells me that I should feel bad?

And whatever it may be, I certainly appreciate her for doing that!

I see the "outside" right about now. I can almost make out what's on the other side…

The "outside" is a place where people go, when they do something wrong, or where the people who come to "inside" come from. Rarely does anyone come "inside", but that's just because it's hard to get in, apparently. They say, on the other side, it's an "apocalypse", but I just think it's messy. Somebody should clean it up! Mom always said, "A clean life is a good life."…but what does she know? I guess the outside has different rules than us.

I don't know…it seems that they like different things. I can't judge them, if they like different things.

I see a lone person on the other side, waving to us (or, at least, that's what it looks like). He's there, every day, just waving. I can't tell if he ever goes home! He's always waving to us when we look at him…

Although, he seems like a nice person, maybe I should get to know him someday!

…Ah, well. Nobody can cross the river from either side. Without orders and permission, at least.

So why can't we cross the river? I don't know, but they say it has something to do with something that happened many years ago. Bad things happened, and they wanted to keep them out.

However, I can't imagine that the "bad things" could be doing something wrong, as to be kicked out of "inside"…if it's just a scraped knee or a mistake, we should probably forgive them and let them try again. It doesn't seem to crazy to let them in, we could always use some company around here! Sure, there are lots of people, but eventually you get used to them, on your daily schedule.

Whatever. I think about it every day, and nothing comes out of it. I think it's useless to think about something, if you're not going to apply it to your daily schedule. So I'll just get back to staring at the man. At this point, waving back to him is a better use of time than to ponder whatever that doesn't exist.

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