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Hikari's Black 2 Adventure - Part 6

The Sea Otter Pokémon

Hello, I'm Nichole. A twenty-something, female, Australian, suffering autism/social issues and proud member
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my first Pokemon game when I was 11. Pretty much have played every game since then.

Joined PC in March 2011. Became a Community Supporter in October 2012, started off initially as
a Tier 4, since jumped to Tier 5 or as we know them these days, Crystal Tier.
Now I am suddenly a Platinum Tier for whatever reason. Ex Showdown regular, and currently active Tumblr blogger.

Aside from Pokemon, I have a love for cute anime girls, plushies, music and anything that gives
me a good laugh. This blog will mainly be a showcase of stuff I am loving right now, some personal
reviews and ramblings, music, funny stuff, life updates and things going around PC.

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Hikari's Black 2 Adventure - Part 6

Posted January 17th, 2013 at 6:57 PM by Hikamaru
Updated January 17th, 2013 at 8:35 PM by Hikamaru

Hikari's Black 2 & White 2 Adventure

Black 2 Part 6: Black Kyurem and the Road to Victory

Oh man this will be the biggest and most epic entry written so far since it covers the last two days. First I head off to Opelucid City and manage to destroy Drayden with my Lucario's powerful Ice Punch attack. After that, I had to take on some Team Plasma members, including Zinzolin. Next, the Plasma Frigate comes along and freezes Opelucid City, along with parts of Route 9 and Route 11 with very powerful ice. Ice that not even Drayden's Haxorus could destroy.

I then decided to head off to my final Gym challenge, waiting in the picturesque Humilau City. There, I took on the last Gym Leader, the cool swimmer dude named Marlon. (Dustin, if you're reading this, you should know why Marlon is the coolest of all Water Gym Leaders ever cos we both love him). My Roserade and Lucario star in the fight, with Roserade using her powerful Grass attacks, while Lucario helped out with his ThunderPunch.

After that, I then go back to Giant Chasm, and take on Team Plasma once more at the Plasma Frigate. I fight a few grunts, then enter a password to disable the security, fight Zinzolin and after passing Kyurem trapped in a chamber, I then meet up again with that scientist dude with the crazy hair, Colress. He takes me on with his powerful Steel-types. I managed to slaughter most of his team using just Excadrill, but I also got Chandelure to have some of the fun too with her powerful Fire attacks.

Next, I enter the cave in Giant Chasm and see Ghetsis with Kyurem. Kyurem almost tried to destroy me with Glaciate, until... I get saved by N and Zekrom! Ghetsis then tries to unleash his fury on me by using the DNA Splicers, sucking Zekrom back into the Dark Stone, then the two fuse together and there is... BLACK KYUREM!

I take on Black Kyurem, with my badass Excadrill managing to defeat it in just two hits, thanks to me getting luck with Rock Slide making it flinch. After defeating Black Kyurem, Ghetsis then tries to obliterate me. I managed to take down his Cohagrigus, Seismitoad, Drapion and Toxicroak easily, but Eelektross caught me off guard with its large type coverage. Thankfully, my Samurott's Torrent ability kicked in and allowed me to finish it off. Finally, Hydreigon comes and I started shuddering but Lucario managed to save the day with a swift Ice Punch.

Next, I take on Victory Road. The tough trainers forced me to have to heal a bit, not to mention having to dump Roserade temporarily for a Roggenrola I'm using as a Strength slave. I even caught a Druddigon on the way. I then take on Hugh, and I found myself getting almost wiped until I made a sudden comeback with Excadrill again. He even gave me a TM for it, the awesome Electric attack Thunderbolt!

So yeah, gotta do some excessive level grinding against Audinos and the Nimbasa Stadium trainers before finally taking on the Elite Four, and eventually the Champion herself, Iris. See ya'll in the next entry for the epic conclusion to the main quest to become the Champion of Unova!
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