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The Universe

Posted February 5th, 2013 at 6:04 PM by Mezzo

The universe will never except you;
it will never love you or care about you
all the universe wants it destroy you
it wants to turn you insane.

The universe. Is it really massive as science claims? How would we know if we've never been past the moon? I mean, yeah, we have the Hubble and space shuttles taking pictures of space but they're polluting space--yup. Humans have polluted outer space too. Apparently the universe is expanding. I do believe the theory that one day the universe will no longer be here. I'm pretty sure the Big Crunch will happen after the sun "explodes." It's a matter of thinking really. Also the universe is kept in the dark. There are lives on other planets. Just because science claims that there isn't I know there is--there's definitely life out there on other planets besides earth. Perhaps scientists are too afraid to research it because these said creatures could take over earth and become the dominant species. Humans aren't going to be dominant forever. Eventually the other animals will start to become aware--and completely overthrow us. I don't know how other animals think, but I'm pretty sure some resent humans for what we do to their homes and families. You know what I mean? Once more animals become extremely intelligent they'll try to overthrow us. The human race won't be around forever. We're animals too--humans can become extinct.

Anyway, that's my philosophy on the universe: there's more than just us out there. We're just too afraid of being dominated to look into it.

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