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You're boring, this is boring, and now I'm bored to death.

Posted February 3rd, 2013 at 8:47 PM by Retro Bug

Today, I thought I'd just go with a general chit-chat blog instead of one dedicated to a certain subject. So, bear with me as I jump around from topic to topic. Try to keep up?

Or not. You don't have to but you might want to.

Relating to yesterday's blog post I have been putting off an urge to go buy more stuff that was marked down to $9.99 that I know I don't really need but I really want. I've spent the whole day avoiding that tab soo that definitely says something, doesn't it? I just love the weekends! They're just too short for my liking because Monday is school even though I only have one class that day. I'm actually doing my required readings on time so I can actually answers the questions in class right, yay me!

Can we talk about the weather? I hate the cold, in fact I'll add effects to it to further my point. I hate the cold. It got to THREE DEGREES. WHY? WHY? (-16 C) Then it got all warm like 50 degrees (10 C) and I was like THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER I LOVE YOU. One day it went from 57 degrees (14 C) in the morning and by 1pm it was 36 degrees. (2 C) Dropping 20 degrees (-6 C) is not okay, okay? Two days later it was 11 degrees (-11 C). Fff then over the weekend we got a bunch of snow, thanks weather I hate you. Now, it's suppose to raise up to 30-40 degree weather this week. (-1 - 4 C) This is why I need to move to someplace that's warm all year long. I will eventually but I still have many years left in this state.

My room is a mess and we're having inspections tomorrow for fire safety. I don't want to clean up but I don't want people coming into my room thinking I'm a slob. I'm actually a fairly clean person but I've gotten lazy. It's a cycle, dirty for at least two weeks and then I get tired of it and make everything spotless.

Hmph. There are things that I want to do tomorrow but I don't want to walk in the cold. See this is another thing I hate about the cold it prevents me from wanting to do anything. When it's nice outside I always want to be outside and never inside. I don't even mind walking back and forth from class but when it's cold I despise going to class. I can't skip otherwise I'll lose my points!

zzz should probably sleep so I can get up early. ugh. earlyness. I hating getting up before 12pm. When I have to do that my day is just rougher (which is everyday except for saturdays and sundays!) than usual.
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