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Strange Dreams

Posted February 21st, 2013 at 8:52 PM by Rainbow Arcanine
Tags dreams, meteors, sky

Basically if you're wondering what this blog post is about, it's essentially a really strange dream I had last night :x. It's rather hard to explain but in my dream, I was at school, the day seemed perfectly normal and it looked like nothing out of the ordinary would happen. Also I have to mention here my school isn't entirely made up of all the students, its sort of a mixture of people I know from everywhere such as coaching,sports and more.

And as I was walking to class, meteors fell out of the sky, in slow motion. So it wasn't exactly them flying out of the sky suddenly and crashing into the ground instantly, but more like it just sort of slowly rolled down towards the ground. Even though there was clearly a meteor falling out of the sky, most of my classmates just stood there gaping at it, not even daring to move.

Eventually after an hour or so it smashed the ground and a few people were injured but nobody died surprisingly. After the nurse had treated everyone, we were sent back to class with our teachers and everything went fine until about lunch. As we came out onto the playground for lunch, we spotted three objects in the sky. Yeah my dream adored making things falling out of the sky :x. This time they were hurtling towards the ground, but they weren't asteroids, meteors or shooting stars. It was sort of this metal dome with a red crust and strange buttons all over the front, as I discovered when it was found in a large hole in the school garden. So I pressed it and then there was this speech in a language I couldn't understand at all, but then at the end there was a voice saying clearly: You are all going to die. Over and over repeatedly.

And then as the voice spoke, The Host from Doctor Who appeared with their golden halos and skin. They cornered students and a few died actually, if I remember correctly after half an hour of students brawling The Host with whatever they could find: textbooks, rulers, water from the taps, the Host were exhausted and flew away vowing to return.

As they disappeared, more peculiar things happened. At home, later that night while looking outside of the window instead of stars there were piercing eyes glaring at me from all directions. I can't exactly remember what happened next but I woke up a while after sitting there really confused.

And thanks for getting through this blog post! :3.
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