Well, I'll just be using my blog to ramble on about random things that I've seen throughout the day. Probably won't have much to say so I won't be posting everyday

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Night-time blogging

Posted April 7th, 2013 at 8:10 PM by tabor62

So I didn't go to the doctor's since this turned out to be a cold *sneezes* Oh well, better than having an ear infection I suppose \o/

Also to anyone complaining about the "Mewbuu", watch the video a few times everyday, throughout the day. It'll grow on you :B Besides, the battle animations are pretty cool too.

Anybody play Boktai? Or played it before? I barely started.... at night :l Not best idea since the game functions best when there is sunlight out. (Yes, I open my curtains every now and then). I wish I could trick the solar sensor into thinking my desk lamp was the sun, that way I wouldn't have to expose myself to the sun.

I wish there were some cheap Club Nintendo Rewards (physical ones) that were decent. The only one that I liked was the 16 3DS game cartridge case, which I got promptly. I also have the pouch which I thought was convenient when I first got it, but it turned out to be a waste of my coins ;.; I now use it to store my old Gameboy Advance.
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