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pokémon: skyfire

Posted July 13th, 2013 at 1:23 AM by Hannah
Updated November 8th, 2013 at 1:20 AM by Hannah

Lately I've been thinking about making my own game, and from the title, I'm thinking of naming it Pokémon: Skyfire. I've already written the story line, imagined what the characters should look like, and thought about some features that I might add in, assuming that I do make the game. There are three things that's blocking me from starting on it, though -- school, lack of resources, and a team to help me with the graphics and music. Anyway, here's everything I've made so far:

Informal and Unofficial Basic Story Line:
In the small, quaint region of Carreon, Pokémon and humans live together harmoniously, guarded by the legendary Pokémon, ???. When ???'s source of power, the Fire Emblem*, is stolen by the notorious Team Astra, it is your mission to find and return it before all hell breaks lose.

Everything with asterisks (*) is subject to change.
??? refers to a fire-bird Pokémon that I have not yet named.

Unofficial Characters:
Luke & Lily
Luke & Lily are the main protagonists of the game. If you're female, you get to play as Lily, and if you're male, you get to play as Luke. Both of them hail from the Western Cove, a small and peaceful town found at the southwest portion of the Carreon region.

I'm planning on making them look like each other, since I'm way too lazy. I'm imagining them to be blonde, with blue as the main color scheme of their clothes.

Professor Lola
Professor Lola is the quirky and fabulous professor who comes from the Western Cove. She's the one who'll give you your starter Pokémon, and she'll help you throughout your journey, but only in certain events.

I'm imagining her to have light-blue hair and long, gold earrings. To top her off, she wears the basic laboratory coat over a regular shirt and shorts.

Landon is your stubborn and arrogant neighbor who loves to travel. He likes to brag about his achievements and humiliate you, even though the both of you grew up together.

I have no idea what Landon should look like.

Places in the Carreon Region:
Western Cove (Starting Town)
Lake Evergreen (Home to Macy, Water-type Gym Leader)
Evergreen Forest
Insigne City (Home to Karen, Fire-type Gym Leader)
Fitria Village (Home to Troy, Rock-type Gym Leader)
Fitria Hills
Palm Tree Acres (Home to Samantha, Grass-type Gym Leader)
Avaria City (Home to Seth, Flying-type Gym Leader)
Corda Village (Home to Nick, Fighting-type Gym Leader)
Corvas Village (Home to Raven, Dark-type Gym Leader)
Forste Heights (Home to Stephen, Ice-type Gym Leader)
Battle Arena
Contest Hall
The Carreon League
Northern Island
The Eastern Island
The Aves Tower

Trivia! The Corda Village and the Corvas Village are twin cities.

That's about it, I guess. I'm still debating on whether I should make it or not. Opinions?
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    It's going to be hard getting people to commit to helping you with this. I should know since I'm helping someone with their game and I'm pretty inconsistent in my help. Maybe work on it a little by yourself, doing what things you can do, and then when you've got more to show you can shop it around.
    Posted July 13th, 2013 at 8:04 AM by Esper Esper is offline

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