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I haven't done this in awhile.

Posted March 1st, 2009 at 8:57 PM by Sammi

I was so bored tonight, I customized my profile colors again, after ages of not having any.

The colors are sort of based off of my current story LJ layout, which I use to keep track of writing stuff. Why use that? No clue.

...I like my blog colors better. Eh.

In other news, I might have a trade thread here soon? :D We'll see if I actually get around to it...

Yeah, I'm playing Pokemon again. I hadn't touched it in months. A few days ago, I was bored and decided that it'd be a good time to pick up where I left off... whenever that was. What's really cool, though, is that I happened to start playing just as my stepbrother started getting into it. Not only that, but my little brother's sort of playing it, too. It's nice to have two other people to bother for my Pokemon needs.

I'm going to have to take on my stepbrother's team someday. I'm kind of dreading that. My philosophy on my teams is "use what you like"; however, that isn't always the strongest. I have a really awesome Dragonite in the same team as Wishcash and Raichu, which don't quite compare. XD; It also doesn't help that I don't check for IVs and train for EVs... I'm lucky if I even pay attention to nature.

Granted, my stepbrother doesn't do either of those things either, but his Pokemon still might be stronger than mine. And I really have to work on their movesets. They're pretty bad.
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