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Posted May 9th, 2013 at 5:55 AM by paintbucket

[9:35:26 PM] Twilight Sky: okay so
[9:35:37 PM] Twilight Sky: I was in this building right and I was working with like scientists or whatever
[9:35:39 PM] Twilight Sky: and then
[9:35:42 PM] Twilight Sky: TEAM ROCKET BUSTED IN
[9:35:50 PM] Twilight Sky: and they intruded the whole building
[9:36:05 PM] Twilight Sky: and then they planted some sort of explosive or w/e
and I was RIGHT next to it and im like "****" and I couldn't move from my position and I was there for like a good 10 or 15 minutes
[9:37:15 PM] Twilight Sky: and then someone had the balls to draw a gun towards the Team rocket member that was controlling the bomb but they were like "hahah that'll do no good, you're only hurting yourself"
[9:37:38 PM] Twilight Sky: so I was STILL trapped in that room
Twilight Sky: until someone activated the self-destruct sequence for the whole building
[9:38:00 PM] Twilight Sky: AND IM LIKE **** I HAVE TO GET THE **** OUT OF HEREEE
[9:38:51 PM] Twilight Sky: so i had to run through room after room after room trying to go outside and then there were fake doors and i kept hearing "" and it started over and im like IM NOT TAKING CHANCES LOL
and then I FINALLY managed to go outside and somehow i could fly and I flew out of there and the whole building exploded, all of the team rocket members that were there died etc
[9:39:29 PM] Twilight Sky: phew


I forgot to mention a few details cause I was so excited:
  • The team rocket member that "planted" the bomb was actually on top of a ****ing machine, the machine ingrained itself as a "bomb" and planted itself into the ground. and it had a laser or something idk
  • I was stuck in a room that was cubicle-like. a chair, a computer (I think??) and that's it. Man that sucked!
  • The fact that after I flew, the "camera angle" shifted and then I was in Luigi's body!!! LIKE I WAS LUIGI and it was so cool

sorry for the swears lmao im so excited
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    derk this is why we don't take drugs okay
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