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The 21/21 Birthday Experience. And today was fun!

Posted May 17th, 2013 at 12:42 AM by Treecko

Yes that's a reference to Justin Timberlake's new album, deal with it.

If you didn't know May 14, was my 21st birthday. So i thought I talk about what happened that day.

I woke up around 11:30 and made eggs and toast for breakfast and then sat around watching TV. For lunch I had some shrimp flavored ramen. Around 4:30 my dad got home and he took me to buy me a cake. Once I picked out a cake, he asked me the question most people ask when you turn 21 in the US "Do you want to get some alcohol?" Since he was offering I figured I'd go for it and said yes. He bought a 6-pack of Kraftig Lager for 6 bucks and then we headed home. Later I had dinner but it was really special , just spaghetti and watched the baseball game. The Cardinals beat the Mets 10-4 which to me is awesome since the Cardinals, my favorite team .
Every now and then I'd look at the beer in the fridge, feeling nervous about drinking it. I decided to wait till we had the cake to try to drink it. So time for cake rolled around and I was hesitant to drink it. My dad convinced me to give it try. So I took a sip and it left an odd after taste that I didn't like. I tried it again to make sure I actually liked it... but I still really didn't. So I gave it to my dad and he finished it along with his beer. I guess I'm not a beer/alcohol person. I didn't think I'd be either and I don't think I'm gonna drink alot at all. Maybe for special occasions like New Years, but that's about it.

Anyway, today (or should I say yesterday since it's passed 3am here well, May 16th..) was my little brother's high school graduation. I'm rather proud of him really. The service was pretty good too. The only weird thing was watching him graduate while thinking I never got to be up there in his shoes. I didn't graduate with my class. This is something I've been meaning to explain , but it's a long story, i'll explain it in another blog another day. But I am really proud of him and that's what I was thinking the whole time.

Afterwards, my aunt took us to a nice bar and grill like restaurant for dinner to celebrate. I kind of also consider this a somewhat birthday dinner too but it was mainly for him. I ordered this really huge burger called Really Big Tex. It was two big patties, cheese, onions, and bacon. I also had some onion rings and toasted raviolis on the side with rolls. Then after we went to this local frozen custard place called Ted Drewes and I had an Oreos concrete (ice cream/custard). All so delicious and I still have some left over. :) I love my aunt and uncle, they're hilarious and they just really made the night with their funny stories. Right now as I type this , my brother's at his senior lock-in party which is almost over with. He probably spent alot of the time swimming and playing basketball. My poor dad has to get up in a bit to go get him at 4am. lol

I also got 25 dollars in a check from my aunt as birthday gift. I have no idea what to do with it. I thought about donating more to PC, but I rather wait to do that to when I get a bank account an job. i'm thinking of getting some Pokemon merch, specifically plushies. I feel like I want some gen V merch beside the cards before gen VI stuff rolls around in October. I also have a CD or two I'd love to have. And lastly I want to have some left over to save for later so the most I want to spend is 15-20. Hard decisions are hard. (I'll probably just get a small plushie or two then.)
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