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Pardon the Inactivity Guys

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Pardon the Inactivity Guys

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 10:28 AM by Team Fail

So I've been really inactive lately, mostly because of a mix of work, school and graduation. I'm out of the house a good chunk of the day, and when I'm at home, it's either homework, eating, or sleeping. Basically, no more social life. :ccc But anyways, yeah, graduation. That's on Friday and Saturday, which I am so excited for. Some parts of it I'm iffy about though, because I'm inviting family and whatnot to a BBQ, and now some of them can't come because apparently they want to stay behind to visit an ill family member in town (This I can totally understand, like, it's family.), then go down to a nearby river on the grad weekend (which I don't get). And yeaaah.

Work. It's been nuts. The other day, it took me an entire 90 minutes (Not even exaggerating) to clean the 3 public washrooms because they hadn't been tended to all day. Soooo gross. And later that day I had a good laugh to offset that. This kid was touching these glass cups and the mom is like "You touch, you're busted." and I thought to myself, "Ooooooh don't make me snap my fingers in a Z formation!"

Yeah. I've been busy and I don't think it'll end soon. Not to mention I have exams next month.

Oh and a shoutout to PEDRO12, who turns 19 today! Happy birthday bro!
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