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Platinum day 7

Posted May 20th, 2013 at 10:28 AM by Aether★

I've grinded a lot, evolved Cobalt into Haunter, evolved newly hatched Eevee into Vaporeon (Azure) went to Veilstone city and got a Houndour (Artherias) at Route 214 and evolved him quickly. I am close to building a decent team for now. I have already team of 5 Pokemon with HM slave. I am trying to get exp only on Gastlys, I think they give me a lot of Sp.Atk which I need the most. My team consists Pokemon with highest stat that is Sp.Atk, besides Azure, this tank has a lot of HP as well.

My current position:
Visited Veilstone City
Artherias - Houndoom - 26 Level
Sophie - Espeon - 38 Level
BROTOM - Rotom (yes, I named him using caps only) - 37 Level
Cobalt - Haunter - 35 Level
Azure - Vaporeon - 35 Level

Just sayin'.
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