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An Appreciation Blog of a Different Color V2.0

Posted August 4th, 2013 at 8:55 PM by Fairy
Updated August 5th, 2013 at 12:24 PM by Fairy

New blog for a new account! Here's a repost of my staff appreciation blog with the newest additions!

**Now updated regularly**

: Okay everyone! This is my first staff exclusive appreciation blog! Let me begin by saying that I have so, so much more to say about all of you than just these few sentences. You're all such wonderful people and you all do so much for the community! n_n; Second, some of these are meant to be heartfelt and sappy, others are supposed to be silly. So please don't tell me, "I think I'm more *insert phrase*". :c I worked hard on this and I tried my best to capture what *I* notice most about you, not what everyone knows. If, for some unfortunate reason, you just cannot stand what I had to say -- then get to know me better! Talk to me! And I will happily shower you with appreciation emblems so long as you are here. :D This was a fun little project I've been working on for nothing more than to show I care (and for some cheap giggles).

So, here is my gift to the staff of The Pokecommunity.


Lookin' Sharp
You're a distinguished and season moderator, with a dashing attitude to boot. Keeping the order is your thing, and you do it all while looking good.


How do u art?
You know, I don't even know how I do it sometimes. :p


Acorn Happy
Like a brand new summer coat, you've bested the winter and now you're back and positively glowing. But we still can't seem to figure out whether you like squirrels, or if you're just nuts. ;)


The Cool One
You're calm, collected, and above all else -- cool. General Entertainment needs someone level headed in all circumstances and your calm disposition fits the bill!


FF&W's Little Bear
You have a big heart and you can articulate that through your writing better than anyone else! It's easy to feel really happy and really stupid at the same time around you. ;]


Magic In You
You're witty, funny, and you provide a warm atmosphere for all of OT/PT. With you around to keep us occupied from our stressful lives, PC is the amazing place it's always meant to be.


The Talk of the Town
You've been the subject of many staff conversations before your modding, and it's no surprise you've landed a gig in Pokemon General. All of your posts are great and you can just naturally gather a crowd. But, you can't help it, you're just popular!


The Mona Lisa
Just like the famous painting, you've been engraved in PC history forever with a smile on your face. It's how we know you best, and you brighten everyone's day with that smile.


Dovahkiin Incarnate
You're proud, determined, and you have excellent taste. You always approach things in a collected manor, but you're not afraid to stand up for yourself or your fellow staff. You definitely have what it takes to go far in PC, as well as life!


For The Love Of Meloetta
You're rather soft spoken, but you care about your regulars and that shows by the painstaking hours you spend whittling away at the "how much is this card worth" thread. It's a labor of love, but you're just that kind of person.


Old School
You've got quite the twisted sense of humor, but I think that's why we like you so much! You're never short on input on contemporary topics and your insight into Emulation is impeccable. You keep your forum tight, and it pays off with no bad creepypasta hacks.


Ash's Ambition (But Cilan Is Better)
You've been faithfully watching the Pokemon anime and faithfully watching over PA. Much like Ash, we've seen you grow, evolve, laugh, and cry for your work over this long span of time. And because you've put so much into PA, you're now the proud owner of a sexy blue name.


Venusaur's Pride
You naturally fall on the smarter and more cynical side of the personality scale, but that's okay! Emulation needs someone with a critical eye and a friendly attitude like you!


Music = Freedom
Jake, you're one of the most talented people I know on PC and, by the close bonds you've made during your time here, you easily take the cake for having the biggest heart. The biggest crime you could commit is to stop being you.


Got Jelli?
You've managed to steal the name of one of my favorite Pokemon! And my favorite color too! Needless to say, we have similar taste, and that's probably why I find you so charming! n_n;


Take It Or Leave It
You don't take any nonsense from anyone and moreover, you've got Batman on your side. But you're never afraid to reach out to others in need, making you the honorary superhero of PC.


Pixel Legends
All Pixel related problems are considered resolved under your fine watch. You're cool and collected, and nothing seems to get under your skin. Except maybe pixels. ;)


Rock Star, Baby
You're our resident trading rock star, and your fans hang on your every word. You keep people in line and always bring out the best in our members and the staff! Even if we do fight each other for your attention. ;)


Brother In Arms
We were modded on the same day, and that will always hold a special place in my heart. You became my brother in arms as we both braved the staff introductions together. And now, you've matured into a fantastic leader of Game Development.

Miss Doronjo

In Peach We Trust
After a long break you've made your glorious return to staff, only to end up modding a section that half of us are jealous you got. Shawn, you're exciting, spontaneous, and a little eccentric-- Making you the perfect vessel for PC's gamers!

Netto Azure

Anime Junkie
What I know best of you is your undying love for all things eastern. You've got some grate taste and run a tight shift up in Other Trivia. Not to mention, you're a team player and always lend a hand to your follow staff!


Little Dove
You're favorite Pokemon is Pidgey, right? Well I think that suits you quite well! Pidgeys are fiercely loyal, and have a good sense of right and wrong. You think before you speak, making you one of our more silent yet appreciated mods.

Red's Hawt Chibi Pelippers

Back on the Pelipper
Once again you find yourself back on the horse.. or Pelipper, if you prefer. You're so sweet and such a pleasant girl to be around, it's no wonder you're back on staff! Your enthusiasm and charm is simply contagious.

Shining Raichu

The King
You've got a lot of love to give, and you express that best through your regulars at OC. You hold your head high as the official leader of PC's LBGT community and represent the best of it as well.


Hidden Potential
I can pin point you right now as an artist. The way you talk, the way you moderate the Roleplay Corner.. it's clear that you have a way with words equivalent to that of an artist. You are more than you appear to be.


Man E Faces
It's no wonder you ended up modding the Roleplay Corner because your personality can shift and change to fit any story and any scenario perfectly. Because of your many faces, you're the honorary master of the RP universe!


Say What?!
You keep your forums organized and clean because it's a part of your perfectionism. But you often grace us with unbelievably generous and emotional gestures. You've always been a little tilted, haven't you? c:


Not Mont Blanc, Duh
Neither mountain, nor pen, nor cheaply made sunglasses. It's Tabor! We can already tell from your years of service that you'll be adding more depth and (numerical) value to the team as a whole. ;)


When Pigs Fly...
..Is when you'll finally get rid of that frightening, seizure inducing llama. Your colorful personality fits perfectly with the Trade Corner. You're interesting and adventurous in your tastes, at least, Finn and Jake think so.


Merc With A Mouth
Just like Deadpool, you provide us with a sardonic commentary that reminds us all that we should spend more time laughing with (or at!) one another. You're funny as all hell and you fit in perfectly with us staff well before you ever went blue.


Warrior Within
You carry yourself like a samurai, and keep discipline and order throughout the battling community. But anyone who's battled you knows you're not a sheep in wolves clothing. ;)


Stark, Tony Stark
You've got a calm disposition and the intelligence to back it up. Just like Mr. Stark, you've got a secret in you, but it's part of what drives you to be so calculating.


Serperior Is The Pun

As constant as your profile theme, you've become a fixture around Technology & Internet. And just like Servine, you retain loyalty for the sections you love and the friends you've made along the way.

~Super Moderators~

Simply Stunning
In my humble opinion, Marylin Monroe is the jelly to your peanut butter. You're both incredibly talented, gorgeous, and have strong personalities. It's hard not to be taken aback by both of you -- except one of you is much more attractive. ;)


Inner Peace
You've got a great sense of what's right and wrong and use that as the voice of reason for all the members. You're authority here at PC compounded by your empathetic nature makes you unbelievably easy to talk to!

Captain Fabio

Silent What?
Silent Hill may not forget but, you know, Kirby certainty does. You're a nice, seasoned s-mod who puts PC's members before all else. Don't forget that!

Mr Cat Dog

Pop Culture Icon
You are our resident 90's pop culture icon! But above all, you provide and insight thoughtful conversation on the media of decades past. Your nostalgia for our favorite generation has (somehow) kept us all fascinated with Jeff Goldblum.

Cute Sushi

You carry yourself like every respectable s-mod should. You're strong willed, persistent, and care more than you let yourself think. Somewhere in there, you're a really cute sushi. n_n;

Razor Leaf

Head Honchkrow
You may be the latest addition to the S-mod crew, but you're no spring chicken! You've got a taste for the finer things in life, and PC would fit perfectly in your talons, wouldn't it?


Through And Through
You've done so much for PC and even when you need to bring down the hammer, you're still warm, approachable, and adorable through and through.

~Staff Administrators~

Wait A Second..
Just like Devendra Banhart, you provide PC with the same amount of combined humor and comfort. You're always gathered when reporting on issues, but you're not afraid to laugh at yourself.

Hiroshi Sotomura

Captain's Log
You put the needs of the community and the grievances of the staff well before your own. You've given 100% in your commitment to PC, but you'll be the first person to say it's just a hobby. You, captain, keep us sane.


Watchful Eye
You keep a watchful eye over all of PC and it's staff and you're part of the force that keeps us all organized and happy. You're not making any threats now, are you? ;)


Qui Gon Jinn
You have a naturally calming demeanor and you're an easy person to turn to in times of stress. You always have a solution for PC's problems and you keep them from ever happening again. (And you don't die in the second movie either!)


Ivysaur's Envy
You make up the more playful end of the staff spectrum, always poking fun at us lesser creatures. But it's all in good taste because you're so cute about it! Heck, even Ivysaur would be jealous for your attention.


The Big Cheese
You are PC's knight in shining armor and the singular entity that keeps this wonderful forum afloat. We as staff owe you much more than silly emblems that you can't actually have.. but maybe they'll be good enough until we buy you that sports car! n_n;

Thank you for reading!
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    Logiedan's Avatar
    Why are you so amazing? :D
    Posted August 4th, 2013 at 9:31 PM by Logiedan Logiedan is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Choice Specs's Avatar
    Oh this is really sweet! All of PC is so lucky to have someone amazing like you on staff <3
    Posted August 4th, 2013 at 9:35 PM by Choice Specs Choice Specs is online now
  3. Old Comment
    antemortem's Avatar
    Who is Patchisou Yutohru?
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 2:56 AM by antemortem antemortem is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Zero°'s Avatar
    Wow this is a really thoughtful entry. I'm sure all of the staff members will appreciate it!
    you forgot Master Kwesi Nkromah though
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 3:49 AM by Zero° Zero° is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Tsutarja's Avatar
    That's really kind of you to make these <3 they're so great and I really like the tagline of the one for me :p
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 4:21 AM by Tsutarja Tsutarja is online now
  6. Old Comment
    Mana's Avatar
    <3 :D

    These made me smile loads, and Nick's cute sushi is adorable.
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 4:22 AM by Mana Mana is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Jake♫'s Avatar
    <3 You are literally the best. Period.
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 6:28 AM by Jake♫ Jake♫ is offline
  8. Old Comment
    Honest's Avatar
    Deadpool and Vertigo just go so well together. <3

    I adore you, Jo. =D
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 8:27 AM by Honest Honest is offline
  9. Old Comment
    seeker's Avatar
    I'd still like to know whether you think me or Marilyn Monroe is more attractive. (me)
    Posted August 5th, 2013 at 3:48 PM by seeker seeker is offline

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