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#1: New beginnings.

Posted August 23rd, 2013 at 10:38 AM by Mana

Many people have asked why I changed username, so I thought I would use my first blog entry to address this.

So, in the ages of old I first entered the internet under the name "Blazing_Arrow". I'm gonna guesstimate that that was about eleven years ago, when I was barely in to double figures. I used that name one several games, as well as a Sims 2 forum that I was a regular at - the forum previously known as "The Sims 2 Community," but is now some amalgamation of several websites.

Anyway, during my stay at TS2 Community I grew tired of my username. It was common, didn't particularly stand out and didn't really work outside of the combat-gaming environment.

And thus SwiftSign was born. It was actually very almost 'Swift Swim', as it was just about Ruby and Sapphire came out, and I loved how the alliteration sounded. However, to avoid the pokémon connotations I changed the Swim to Sign.

That was around 8 or 9 years ago now. And I've been stuck with it ever since. Some of my websites, such as my twitter, still hold that username.

So, why the change? Next month I begin a job as a teacher. It has meant hiding my online self deeper into the internet and giving myself some kind of security. I'm hoping that this change will mean it's much harder to find me here - even if they somehow worked out that SwiftSign was me.

A few weeks ago I played around with the name "White Fox," however I eventually settled here.

I love this new name already.

Of course now I'm gonna have to delete all iterations of the name from this blog.

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