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Another Cog in the Murder Machine

Posted August 21st, 2013 at 4:14 PM by Mezzo

(That's a line from a song.)

So, there's this girl with a chainsaw and an evil laugh that appears in my head when I close my eyes. She's not real, she's just some demon that my head created. I won't think too much about her, since she isn't real, but all week I've been anxious to begin with. I named this girl Marii. She's not that much of a threat since she's just a person in my head, but it does threat my sanity a bit--which I lost too long ago to even keep track of.

Yeah, it's not real, she's not real. Marii isn't real. I'm not real. Okay, no, I'm real, I'm human, Marii isn't. She's just a thing.

Yeah, I'm a mess right now.
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