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Some Updates On The Fourth Ruby Destiny Game + Others

Posted September 21st, 2013 at 8:52 PM by destinedjagold
Updated September 21st, 2013 at 9:01 PM by destinedjagold

Hello and good day to everyone.
I have made some progress with the fourth RD game this month.

Let's first start with a small video preview.

The video will show you some scenes of Cerulean City.

And after that, some screenies.

This screenshot is the event that will happen at the end of the video above.

As you can see here, I have removed the yellow highlight of Chaomega's speech.
There wont be any yellow highlights for anyone in the game. :3

This is the route south of Cerulean City.
I checked the original maps in FireRed and saw how kinda boring the original was, so I added my own touches, as well as the other routes.

Like this one, which is east from Cerulean City.

Now, some little news...

I received a review from someone about Life of Guardians, and they have shared with me their concerns of bland characters that have no character development, which was greatly present in Rescue Rangers, but almost none in Life of Guardians. The only noticeable character who has a good character development was Claire, however, she wasn't focused well enough, which was sad, as they have said.

And that has caught my attention. Have I really concentrated on such complicated stories that I forgot to add character development? I guess I really have, and so, I decided to rethink and rewrite some events of the future, and start building up some characters. I am not really sure if I can pull this one off but, I'll try.

...and my overuse of twelve ellipses during long speech events.
I apologize for that. xD
But yesh, there won't be any long ellipses in this game...I think... >.>

Now, I want to share with you guys one planned feature of the game that I decided t scrap.
Ever single PKMN's moveset would be renewed to a more generic one. Think of it as Chrono Trigger or Chrono Cross, or the early Final Fantasy games.
With that, I planned to have PKMN have the same generic moveset, depending on their types and species. Say a Pidgey, a Hoothoot, a Taillow and a Spearow. Them and their evolutions would have the same generic moves: Wing Slap, Peck, Aero Swirl, and Aero Blade. Etc.
Yesh, it would also have old moves renamed, and such, and effects changed.
But damn, it takes too much effort to do, and I don't really have the time and patience like I used to have when I was still making Reign of Legends and Rescue Rangers.

So, yeah, the idea was scrapped. Too much effort. =/

So I guess that's all I want to share for today. :3
Have a good day and enjoy surfing the web, pipz~

And oh, I almost forgot...
I have sent an incomplete Bet 2 of SkyLine in vizzed.com
If you guys want to check it out, here's a link...
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    Hello Destined! I know this may seem a little Farfetch'd (hehe puns), but I was wondering if you need a beta tester or anything? If so I'd be willing to help! I like your games a lot, and thought maybe I could help with it. (I am bad at tiling and mapping, as I am a beginning hacker, but I can help find bugs).
    Posted November 19th, 2013 at 4:57 PM by quarantine22 quarantine22 is offline