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The Supernatural

Posted October 2nd, 2013 at 2:37 PM by Mezzo

"Can you stake my heart?
Can you stake my heart?
Can you steak my heart?
(And these thoughts of endless thoughts of night bringing me back into the light)
Kill this venom in my heart."

- My Chemical Romance, Vampires Will Never Hurt You.

I want to believe they exist. I really do. To be honest, I believe that vampires, fairies, magic, demons, monsters, and ghosts are all real. They're not just products of the human imagination... and I want to believe that. If so, if I were a supernatural being, I'd be a monster. ...Eating away at people's hearts. Corroding the human race. That's what I'd be if I were a supernatural being.

Um. Although, people just don't believe enough. That's why we can't see them. I've always believed this stuff to be real. The human imagination may create some things, but the supernatural are real... why don't people believe?

We humans are a mystery.

PS: have Mami Tomoe. (I hate her.)

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