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Obligatory X/Y Blog

Posted October 17th, 2013 at 11:10 AM by Shiny Celebi

Hello guys I decided to stop by when I had some time, things are crazy with X/Y's release. I thought Id share my initial thoughts on the game and this seemed like the place to do so.

Ok I first will say that X/Y seems like a wonderful game. I have only made it to Shalour City so far and there is quite the distance between gyms 1 and 2. Probably too much. The Pokemon models are nicely done as are all the graphics. The music is a real pleasure to listen to as well, I love it a lot. Basically a lot about this game seems like a dream.

Pokemon Amie is very very cute, it really is actually hard to stop playing on Amie and continue the story. I got a Sylveon evolved and spoil some other team members I like a lot. I have yet to try Super Training so no thoughts on that. The PSS was a very long overdue feature, it is really wonderful. Character customization is a little dissapointing though. The clothes are really expensive and there dont seem to be that many options honestly. There are other small improvements I enjoy as well. The new Pokemon are an interesting bunch and while yes, there are fewer of them, they are well designed in my opinion and have some unique types, so that's a +1 for Game Freak in my eyes. Im also glad the shiny rate seems to have gotten better and Im seeing a lot of people around that have caught shinies. I have yet to find one though. Its awesome for people though, especially those who have never found one before.

So I really am liking this game. I definately will play the other version when I finish up X. That's all for now. Thanks for reading.
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