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EV Training and Mega Evolution.. Counter?

Posted October 19th, 2013 at 8:23 PM by dlanijer
Updated October 20th, 2013 at 4:15 AM by dlanijer

ANOTHER Blog Post from Dlanijer? No Way!

EV Training: So, I've begun to EV Train some Pokemon just for 'practice' when I have my awesome IV, well built VGC team ready! I just wanted to share some thoughts:

0. Set an EV Goal from the very beginning, so you don't mess it up later. Then use a spreadsheet program or regular ol' pen and paper to keep track. Make sure you decide on WHEN to add and ALWAYS follow through. Seems silly, but I screw this up a lot.
1. Get a Dummy Monster and get yourself to Level 3 for the training games. Yeah, worth it.
2. I have a routine to ensure I can always get myself out of a pinch.. like getting really close to my EV Goal.

a. I play the training game.
b1. If I get a medium or large bag, I use that immediately and calculate the amount I receive.
b2. I use SMALL bags to fix mistakes I make or if I get REALLY close - I use the small bags or the lower level training so I don't go over on accident.

3. You can essentially EV train all your six Pokemon in under 8 hours easy.. so if you're having trouble in a part of the game (people say this game is super easy.. I have trouble because I'm noob), just EV train the best base stats on a Pokemon.
4. Don't always do 252/252/4.. try setting EVs for a competitive battle, even if you aren't. Yeah, more tedious.. but it may be good practice and very rewarding in the long run.

Side Thought: Weavile has pickpocket as a hidden ability. Weavile's best stats are attack and speed. Mega evolution pokemon require a held item to mega evolve. Mega Evolution Hard Counter, anyone? UPDATE: Guess not
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    PlatinumDude's Avatar
    Mega Stones can't be taken by Trick, Pickpocket or the like. They function like the Plates when they're held by Arceus.
    Posted October 19th, 2013 at 8:35 PM by PlatinumDude PlatinumDude is offline
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    Originally Posted by PlatinumDude View Comment
    Mega Stones can't be taken by Trick, Pickpocket or the like. They function like the Plates when they're held by Arceus.
    Ah, my lack of knowledge from the recent games strikes again. Thank you for the clarification! :D
    Posted October 20th, 2013 at 4:14 AM by dlanijer dlanijer is offline

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