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Another day in the "sunny" Netherlands

Posted October 21st, 2013 at 11:52 AM by ShadowE

I felt like doing another blog so soon... Its just.. I never had this before and it feels AMAZING! :D
Sorry, i kinda got too excited, didn't i?

Anyways a lot has passed in the tiny few months i have been really active. I met new amazing friends, got into new games and music, yada yada yada...
I also made some huge projects in a game named Terraria (Fort ShadowE for example, but the Crimson took over ;-;) and i started going competitive in StarCraft 2, the game i fanboy all day about, cuz why not B)
Also i have had the most awkward conversations on Skype, leading to laughter and what not, and it all helps me a lot to distract from the main problems that i got, which is good... i think it's good at least.
Im really happy with every friend i made over that past few months, since my real life friends are kinda... annoying (cmon stop sending me invites for CoD or annoy me with text messages, i have a life for Skyla's sake D:<)
Also i have been drawing a lot, im working on 3 drawings of Skyla (cuz i still have a major crush on her xD), 1 of Nova (if you dont know who that is, look at my avi/siggy and you will know) and some random ones for fun.

And i still have time to post a lot in Forum Games... well it has become spamming now since so many posts there... ITS INHUMANE D:

This was your insane Dutchman speaking... i dunno i had to do this xD
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