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This will all backfire on me I swear >.>
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Progress on the Protoss story

Posted November 6th, 2013 at 1:12 PM by ShadowE

I made 3 of the 14 Protoss missions already and im quite happy how it looks like.
However i cannot judge this on my own, so i might need some testers to help me out a bit :P
So if anyone wants to help me testing it out that would be great ^_^

So here's the missions i made already:

1: The Counter
After every Protoss hero being killed and the fleet being thinned out to few ships, the Protoss are on their last hopes. However somewhere on Korhal, some Protoss forces prepare a distraction to make the big Dominion fleet retreat to defend Korhal.

2: The might of the Fleet
The strike on Korhal was succesful, and the Dominion gave up on the hunt of the Protoss fleet. However the Protoss still have no base of operations, but they found a suitable place to create one: a Dominion space station named the Medusa, lying just above Shakuras.

3: Shakuras
Taking over the Medusa, the Protoss fleet now advances back to Shakuras to take it back. However not only the Dominion have set foot on the Protoss homeworld. Someone else wants to hunt down the last few Protoss aswell...
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