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X/Y sit-rep #1: First gym is toasted!

Posted November 20th, 2013 at 10:58 AM by Blade_of_darkness

Yes guys, I know this is a bit early for me to be blogging again, but this one's very meaningful.

I've taken down the first gym of the game today, & this is something that I've taken in stride.

One thing I should say is, even with Fennekin on my side, Viola wouldn't give up without a fight. Her Surskit was no match for my Pikachu (which I've managed to catch one that's holding a Light Ball, of all things.) But the real fight didn't start until Vivillon came out. That damn thing was pretty resiliant, & I think that it had more than 40 health. The reason why I predicted how much health it had was when she used a Potion, it healed about as much as my Fennekin's Ember was doing, ~20 damage a pop. That's considerable punishment. In the end, even though she scored a crit (Which I'll be referring to as "lucky shots" from here on in) with her first Tackle, she eventually fell to my war machine. Thus, badge #1 is mine for the taking.

So, my first steps into this siege is going great. The only problem is maintaining this momentum. If that can be done, the Kalos region will bow down before me.

Also, the super training feature is ridiculously helpful in this.
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