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Mother's Day Fails

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Mother's Day Fails

Posted November 24th, 2013 at 9:41 PM by Nolafus

Everyone knows what Mother's Day is, right? You know, that one day in the year where moms get to act lazy just like us! Well, we have a sort of tradition in our family that comes along with this special day. It's not intentional (as far as I know), but something always seems to happen to my mom on this day specifically. Here are some highlights that immediately pop into mind:

When I lived in a really nice snobby country club area, there was a nice buffet in the main building open to all residents. Well, we had a rather large party because we decided to go with some of our neighbors, so they pushed a few tables together to accommodate us. One of my brothers got seated in that awkward spot where the tables meet each other. The two tables were barely different in height. Not really enough to notice, but just enough to, say, place your full cup of chocolate milk on and have it topple over and spill all over, especially in your mom's lap and nice clothes. We went home after that happened, I never got to finish my scrambled eggs.

This one happened this past year. We have a tradition of going out to eat, and this year we decided to try out a restaurant we've never been to before. We sat down and realized that it was a buffet (it must be a curse or something). We get up and walk over, but we soon realize that there's nothing left except for bread and a pretty sad looking fish. Let's just say after lunch, I had a few snacks to quiet my growling stomach.

Oh, then there was that one time my mom fell down our wooden stairs. She wasn't seriously injured, but it did uphold the tradition of misfortune.
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