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X/Y sit-rep #7: Power Overwhelming!!

Posted December 19th, 2013 at 12:07 PM by Blade_of_darkness

Welp, I'm getting pretty close to the end here, so time for another sit-rep.

Some time after I first stepped foot into Dendemille Town, I went on another catching spree, & got myself a slew of new Pokémon, including a Cryogonal. However, what I really wanted was a Rotom. Turns out, that I'm one of those people who has this so-called "Trash Can Curse" in which I'm finding nothing more than chirping crickets in them... Ah well, no use crying over spilt milk...

Moving on from this setback, I've managed to lay waste to Anistar's Gym. Olympia is... rather underwhelming... Why she isn't packing an Alakazam or an Espeon is beyond me. Those would've made this gym more of a challenge. As it is right now, she & her cronies have rolled over & died in front of my war machine like Grant & Ramos before them. Psychic Gyms are nothing to be scoffed at when done properly, don't get me wrong, but either this one isn't done properly, or my war machine is getting so powerful that nothing can stop it. Both of those are very possible. Power overwhelming? Most likely♪

So, on to more pressing matters: Turns out that Team Flare's plans are now in motion. The good thing is, I've already cleared Lysandre Labs of all the hostiles, but I couldn't stop their ultimate weapon from being deployed... Jesus Christ... that thing is something fierce! Really, it's capable of bringing Armageddon to the world! So I'm now at the path to Team Flare's HQ, ready to take the assault to them.

However, is my seemingly unstoppable war machine going to be able to put this weapon to bed?? Well... you'll have to wait for the next sit-rep... if it comes!

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