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Fire + Emblem = Wut?

Posted February 2nd, 2014 at 7:27 PM by Griffinbane

So the other day I got Fire Emblem: Awakening. So I'm used to playing the series and normal is usually way too easy for me so I decided to play hard/classic. Good idea, right?


At the beginning, it was going as swimmingly as I thought it would be. Win, win, oops reset, win... about 6 chapters in, I am STUCK. There's no way for me to level without getting killed, no matter which map I picked. All the additional download characters completely kicked my silly behind.

(Oh no, you can't recruit that person because you just left Chrom in- oh, he's dead. Oh, that person is gonna die in 4 turns and you will never get there in time because of the archers up at the top ready to kill your Pegasus as soon as you drop Chrom off. The kid with the pot on his head? No, he's gonna get killed in one shot no matter what you do. You can pair him of course but oh, the pair died. Sorry!)

What do I do?

Back to normal/classic, like the silly cat I am. :<

At least I'm not getting chased around by giant boulders that are actually stone pigs disguising itself. Etrian Odyssey gives me heart attacks. EVERY FLIPPIN' TIME.
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