If you want to know the real me, just turn the page in my dirt road diary.
It’s right there for you to see, every kiss, every beer, every cotton field memory.
Tan legs & some Dixie Land delight, ridin’ round, windows down on a summer night.
I was there, and that was me. It's right here in my dirt road diary.

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we have a rain delay at daytona so might as well do this finally!

Posted February 23rd, 2014 at 12:17 PM by Meganium
Updated February 23rd, 2014 at 12:27 PM by Meganium

I'm already three days in bold and so far I'm really enjoying it. <3 It's like I'm 20 again, you know?

I'm late in doing this, so I'm just gonna go ahead and make this speech short because I don't know how long this NASCAR rain delay is going to last. But all I wanted to say is thanks to the higher staff for offering me this grand opportunity to become a staff member for a second time. Honestly, I wasn't expecting so at all. FC&G was starting to become a second home to me because I just love almost everything out there, and it's amazing to talk to people who share the same like-minded interests, more than just Pokemon. I love how PC is just so diverse and it brings everyone closer, that's the biggest reason why I stayed and I am so glad I didn't leave like I tried to a few months ago. That would be regretful. Also wanted to thank all my friends Shawn, John, Mac, Amanda, Zach and many many many many others who are just superly amazing. <3

There's a lot to get done in FC&G, especially brand new groups I have in mind. :3 I'm also open to any suggestions as well! Come stop by at the section if you get the chance, any activity is great. :D
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