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Immortality: A Gift Or A Curse? (Chvrches, Calvin and Hobbes, Go Right) [Daily Bloggity Entry #9]

Posted March 2nd, 2014 at 2:00 PM by El Héroe Oscuro

Date: 02 March 2014
Time: 12:38 PM ET
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Let us hypothesize that immortality was a reality. In many a-films and stories galore mankind has sought out the Fountain of Youth. We yearn to defeat time and become young forever, However, is the ability to stay youthful really worth it? Do the benefits really outweigh the risks?

Daily Video - "Recover" by Chvrches

First off for immortality to happen, many things would have to go into motion so our bodies can survive such tantalizingly harsh conditions. For one thing, our current bodies would need to adapt to a point where our body would still be creating more cells even as we age. As our bodies age, the production of cells is steadily being reduced and the number of cells dying in our body increases. This is the main reason why when we age elders are more prone to diseases - especially mental - than younger generations; our bodies are unable to produce the antibodies and defenses we need to fend off foreign invaders of the body and ultimately lead to our immune system's/body's downfall. Technically, it is possible to replace organs - even hearts - but the brain is another matter completely. Even though you technically can have a brain transplant, the biggest hurdle that scientists have had to try to hurdle is the inability of nerve tissue to regenerate or heal properly - as a result, scarred nerve tissue has a very difficult time sending signals to the rest of your body, meaning your body would not be able to work as properly nor be able to produce the hormones needed to release antibodies into the body to fend off antigens, or foreign invaders.

Daily Comic - "Et tu, Brute?" by Bill Watterson of Calvin and Hobbes

But enough with the science mumbo-jumbo. Let's say all of that was possible. You are granted immortality and now have the ability to live forever. Would you accept it? On the surface it looks like a no-brainer; however after mullng it over, I personally would not accept such a deal. Here are some of the reasons why. One reason is the perception of time will speed up tremendously. Have you ever noticed that when as you age you feel like the days are going by a lot quicker than usual? Theoretically, the more you age, the quicker time seems to pass. That's why when you were a kid the school year seemed so damn long and you couldn't wait for summer vacation to come. If you were immortal, this would mean that eventually days would go by in just a few seconds, which seems to nuts to actually fathom but is a possibility. Insanity would most likely be the result of immortality, and that is something that honesty...I would love to avoid.

Editor's Note: If you want to look at an actual calculation of how this was concepted, the link to the article can be found here

Daily Video - "Go Right" by Youtuber RockyPlanetesimalp

Another personal reason why I would naught choose a life of immortality is the fact that I don't believe I would be able to make meaningful connections with people anymore. Similar to Arwen from Lord of the Rings, I would come to the conclusion that I would live far past the life span of all my brethren and that such relationships would just end up in heartache for me. Friends, family, children, beloved ones - all would be gone way before you, and just like how a mother should not have to bury their own children, that is something that I do not believe I would be able to handle.

So what do you think! Think you would choose immortality? What would you end up doing if you knew there was no timetable for your life? Post your comments below as I'm curious as to what you have to say!

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- elheroeoscuro
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