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When it rains...

Posted April 15th, 2014 at 3:39 PM by Griffinbane

... it definitely rains. This saying could be interpreted as bad or good. Most people usually use it in a negative meaning.

A bit of background. I haven't had a job in 8 years and I've been actively hunting for the past 5. Haven't had luck. Also, due to certain... issues, I've been forced to drop out of college at the end of last fall semester. So last spring I started ranting at a friend and talked about dream jobs with him. Turns out we both have a similar dream job: owning and running a really big gaming shop. He made me join a competition at my university where the best business plans win a lot of money and early business support. So I joined it, submitted my plan... and lost. Yep.

There's a bright lining to this though. I've got a business plan now that just needs to be revised if I ever go for that shop. Even better, my friend joined me in my ventures and now we've got an online shop running! Unfortunately it isn't selling much of anything. He's got no general CCG knowledge while I specialize in Pokemon, which the online marketplace we're on doesn't currently support. In June though...(cackle). Even worse, I have to do everything through him since my dad decided to claim me as a dependent and I can't hold a bank account thanks to him and to food stamp rules. I'm really good at throwing wrenches into plans though. Check this out:

Best: I now have a job at a temp agency that specializes in event staffing. This means I'll be working at convention centers, city-wide events, maybe Made In America if it comes back this year. Can't wait to finally have disposable income! And a better-padded resume. And a bank account. Old man can't claim me pretty soon... not with dem checks coming in! I have 5:30 AM shifts though.

So yeah, when it rains, it pours. And somehow, everything comes together all at once.
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