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Pokemon Black Wedlocke Challenge Entry 4

Posted May 23rd, 2014 at 7:00 AM by Berzerk!
Updated May 23rd, 2014 at 7:25 AM by Berzerk!

Entry 4

Zerky's Comment!

Hey all it's been a week since I last picked up the game! The week has been tiring for me and morale at a low, not to mention being struck down with a cold that just hit me out of nowhere, really left me drained. Along with that comes the future of the updates. Personally I think I'll just keep it to basic updates. Nothing too huge and nothing that contains any story elements. I want to lessen the stress of writing filler text and keep it to some basic things. Hopefully this will speed up the reading time too!

Route 4
Arriving on Route 2, Cheren challenges Berzerk to battle!

Crusher Kim VS Pidove

Sandstorm effects the battle!

Pidove uses Air Cutter, with Kim using rock throw, however Pidove just holds on.

Pidove uses Air Cutter and super effective hit means Kim dies...

Xavier is now sent out and proceeds to cut Pidove to pieces.

Pignite is next...

Xavier uses cut and Pignite uses Flame Charge..

Pignite proceeds to use defense curl twice as Berzerk heals. Pignite heals with Sitrus berry.

Pignite uses Flame Charge, bring Xavier down to 22 hp, Xavier leech seeds Pignite to try and stall for damage.

Another Super Potion is used as Pignite defense curls again.

Pignite faints from the barrage of cuts, leech seeds and sandstorm!

Pansage is next

Xavier uses cut with Pansage biting

Pansage bites once more with Xavier using cut two more times to take out Pansage.

Liepard is next.

Liepard uses pursuit and Xavier uses leaf tornado.

Berzerk takes the safe route and heals with Liepard tormenting.

Liepard uses and attack as it doesn't affect the vine whip.

Cheren is defeated with the loss of someone close to us... Crusher Kim got crushed... I thought she was going to be able to hold off some of Air Cutter's damage but it was not to be...

Desert resort encounter is a Sandile and a Female one at that!

The wild Sandile is caught in a Net Ball! YAY!

Sandile will unpaired for now until a suitable partner is found.

Berzerk found the Blackglasses in desert resort!

We enter the Relic Castle and fall down a pit of desert sand and we come across a Yammask! Horray!

Berzerk used the Ultra Ball but failed to catch it.

Xavier uses Vine Whip and is mummified. Overgrows ability is canceled!

Fresh Water is used on Xavier. Xavier is nice and refreshed!

Xavier uses Vine Whip and takes Yamask down to 1/3rd hp! Heal Ball go!

Yamask was caught! That's right, Yamask!

Wrappers the Yamask is caught! Sir Xavier x Wrappers. Two males are now needed to fill out the rest of the roster.

Berzerk battles a doctor to hopefully set up a healing point. Xavier levels up to 26 during the battle. It seems he may be getting a bit over leveled.

Entering the gate to Nimbasa City, Juniper gives Cheren and Berzerk some Ultra Balls.
Nimbasa City
After having beaten a grunt with our new Wrappers, Berzerk obtains a random bike! Awesome a free bike! However now is the time to bury Crasher Kim... May she Rest in Peace.

Crasher Kim was really quiet, yet full of strength and power at her hands. Her enthusiasm shined in battle and she always stood her ground with whatever was dealt towards her, however strong the opponent was, however her determination was crushed by Pidove. May she remain as one of the closest partners. It was a real blast to have her along.

After a few female wild encounters, Berzerk runs into a male Minccino, nearly KOing it out with Cut in the process. Time to throw some Ultra Balls. Berzerk Catches Milton the Minccino!

Route 16 for a new party member!

2nd encounter is a Male Trubbish. Abundant the Trubbish was caught! And now let the training montage begin.

Well... it seems I bit off more than I could chew, while playing through some of the game, I faced off against N, sadly the battle was in his favor. My team died to him and thus ends the run. It's a shame, I really did try in the end but the fact of the matter is I didn't try hard enough. The debate now is do I reset or continue on as a normal play through.

It seems once again I relied on luck to be on my side for Crusher Kim and lost the battle. If anything her loss really struck me hard since I really loved the pairing between Sir Xavier and Crusher Kim, however hopefully with the future training montage ahead of us, I can take some time to be careful and grind away safely. Sandile was a Pokemon I really wanted to use along with Yamask. Yes I know, Sandile doesn't have a nickname. In all honesty, her name should be Sandy. This should be addressed in the next post. I may continue posting in a new page or updating this current post. Stay tuned.

RIP Crusher Kim. You will not be forgotten.
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