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Pokémon Platinum Progress [more tl;dr]

Posted March 28th, 2009 at 2:36 PM by Cherrim

Haaaaay guys. ♥ Just posting to share my Platinum progress so I can show off my Cherrim, haha.

So... after my Calculus midterm last Monday I finally sat down and let myself start Platinum. I named myself God (because I'm super cool and "Erica" was getting boring XD) and named my rival Dean after my friend (he named his rival Erica, haha). I traded over my Cherubi and Nosepass eggs. My planned team for Platinum is Cherrim, Probopass, Luxray, Drifblim and I'm undecided on the rest. (Though I want to train a Bidoof to level 100 eventually.) Anyway!

I breezed through the beginning pretty easily; the first gym was so simple. Cherubi took out absolutely everything. ♥ I headed up to Floaroma and... and... well, the late night DCCers got the gist of it. I'm still running into critical hit problems but at least now I don't have to spend all my savings on potions and super potions to deal with it. :( skldjfs

Now, one thing I'd been both looking forward to and dreading was the Gardenia fight. She's got an upgraded team in Platinum and that team includes a Cherrim. Basically OH GOD I HAD TO KILL A CHERRIM. ;o; The best way to do this and not feel too guilty, I decided, was to beat her Cherrim with a Cherrim of my own. :3 I set to work training my Cherubi to level 25 so she would evolve. (This was pretty lame because Gardenia haxxed and her Cherrim is level 20. >:|) I did this in Eterna Forest while... um... whatsherface was with me. It honestly took like 5 or 6 hours because it was so boring and I kept setting the DS aside to do other stuff while in the midst of a battle. Regardless, somehow I'd spent like 15 hours playing the game so far. XD

Finally, Cherubi evolved in between a game of Halo so everyone playing with me got to hear my spazzing out about it:

:DD So cuuuute! ♥ As soon as it evolved, I high-tailed it back down to the Windworks so that I could catch my Drifloon before the date turned because if I had to wait a week to catch it, it would be way behind everyone else. :( I had to reset twice before I could get a female one (I seem to be going for an all-female team haha). I asked everyone on XBL what to name it and Andy said Driffy so... it was named. I set down Platinum and we played more 360.

Hours later, we'd finished Halo and Jeef, Andy, my friend Dean and I were just sitting around talking when we realized that my Drifloon shouldn't be named Driffy, it should be named Pedo. You know, their description says they often spirit away small children so... that's what I've affectionately taken to calling the Drif' line. Of course, the old nickname wouldn't do so we racked our brains trying to remember where the Name Rater was. Jeef and I were flipping through our guides trying our best to find this place. I went through it THREE TIMES before I figured out where the Name Rater was. He's in Eterna City, of course. Where I was the whole time we were looking. Worst part? He was in the next building I was about to explore. XD I felt pretty stupid for that one.

Finally it was on to Eterna Gym! Pedo took out basically everything on the way to Gardenia. I healed at the Pokémon Centre and headed back in. Pedo took out her Turtwig and then... and then... Cherrim time! ♥

Double Cherrim. Aaah so cute. But emo Cherrim won't do so I used Sunny Day...
AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. ♥ ♥ ♥ So cute. I just want to squeeze them. ;A; I like to think that IRL they wouldn't even battle, they'd just... idk like play together and Gardenia would think it was so cute that she'd give me a Forest Badge and I wouldn't have to hurt the enemy Cherrim.
Interestingly enough... I don't think her Cherrim knew Solar Beam. If it did, she didn't use it. :B Well, I did. I tried to get images of all the attacks used so I could do a play by play but Magical Leaf is IMPOSSIBLE to get a picture of. It goes too fast. So this is actually the only image I have of the actual battle. XD; It only took me... 4 turns, I think? And that's including a super potion. :B
I'M SORRY FOE CHERRIM. ilu. ;o; iluuuu.

Uhh... where was I? Oh, right. I beat Gardenia, beat up some Galactic Grunts, nearly got my ass kicked by a Skuntank because TEAM GALACTIC IS A BUNCH OF DIRTY, CHEATING JERKS THAT GET WAY TOO MANY CRITICAL HITS AND IT ISNT FAIR but at least Lumaria was overlevelled enough around to save the day. Or night. It was like 5 AM when I beat them. XD;

That's about as far as I've gotten. I'll head off now after I show you pictures of my team. :B

Lumaria → Cherrim ♀
Anyone who knows me knows that Cherrim is probably my favourite Pokémon. I just adore the one I have in Diamond whose name is Marluxia. (Yeah, he's named after the Kingdom Hearts character. :P) But I couldn't have the same Cherrim over again so I wanted something different. Soo... I went with a female this time and I ended up just using my favourite "other" name for Marluxia, Lumaria. XD; Okay I'm a total dork but still. I love Cherrim and I'm already pretty damn attached to this one. ♥ It'll be fun training it through the whole game. :3

Namine → Nosepass ♀
I... I can't even explain this one. Seriously, I can't. Just know that I will forever associate Nosepass/Probopass with Naminé from Kingdom Hearts. :| Even if I tried to explain why, it would take forever and no one would get it anyway. But yeah, I trained another Nosepass named Namine in my recent playthrough of Emerald but I'm too lazy to transfer her over so I'm doing it again this time so I can get Probopass. XD

Larx → Luxio ♀
I SWEAR I'M ORIGINAL OKAY. Yeah, my Luxio is named after Larxene from wow big surprise Kingdom Hearts but at least I altered the name a bit. XD; I think Larx is an adorable name for a Shinx and it still sounds cool when it grows up into Luxray so it seemed pretty perfect. At any rate, it's more fitting than like Dorkface which was the only other alternative I could think of as it prompted me for a name. I must admit, it's really weird training an electric Pokémon that isn't from the 'Chu line without the intention of dropping it for a Pichu first chance I get. This is my first time playing a Pokémon game without a Pichu since GSC. x__o

Pedo → Drifloon ♀
Hey, at least I didn't give it another KH-related nickname! :| Um, yeah this name isn't the most appropriate but its' what I've called Drifloon for ages so I can't really help myself. XD You kind of already read the naming adventure up above and that's all there is to say about her so far? I've yet to train a Drifloon so this should be new and exciting. :B

Bill → Bidoof ♀
And finally the token HM whore. I hate using them, to be honest, but this way I get to keep a Bidoof in my party. :3 I'll probably rename her though since Mork is going to trade me a new Bill. It's a long story but in Diamond I was trading something to him and I had him catch the first Bidoof he saw and name it Bill to trade me back. It turned out to be a female one and I loved it. XD; My brother accidentally deleted it though so I need a new one. :c
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  1. Old Comment
    Tyrantrum's Avatar
    I don't know why, but I feel like restarting in Platinum already. ;_;
    You have cute Pokémon your using. :3

    And I always use Bidoof as an HM whore. XDD;

    I've beaten the Elite Four and Everything. And been to the Battle Frontier and been to the Battlegrounds. But I feel like restarting, but I'm horribly confused if I should or not now. ;____;

    EDIT: Who was your starter? :o
    Posted March 28th, 2009 at 4:19 PM by Tyrantrum Tyrantrum is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Thomas's Avatar
    ;_; I just got the game like two days ago and I feel like I am miles behind everyone..I need to play all the way through tonight and catch up with you guys!! My highest pokemon is on like level
    Posted March 28th, 2009 at 5:53 PM by Thomas Thomas is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Sublime's Avatar
    I think Team Galactic replaces their Pokemon's eyes with Scope Lenses and replaces their appendages with Razor Claws.
    I really do.
    Posted March 28th, 2009 at 11:16 PM by Sublime Sublime is offline

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