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Friday 12/9/14

Posted September 12th, 2014 at 5:58 AM by Altius

This week was a short break from school, and I'm really glad about it. The stress has been driving me crazy and it'll only get worse... Oh well.

A few things happened this week. CoroCoro leaks, Apple event as well as Malaysia-Singapore toll hikes. I won't really say much about CoroCoro... but a demo that will come with the next copy really got me intrigued. And a new unknown mega evolution in there? Yes please.

Apple event... I'm actually quite happy that Apple decided to launch a phablet. It's funny though. A company that once dissed phablets will be making one themselves. Steve would never have done that. Pre-orders were up today, well... more like down. The sites crashed all the time.

And just now I've read about Singapore's decision to increase toll prices in retaliation to Malaysia's hike. To me, this hike from the Singapore side is just unneeded. I highly doubt any side will benefit from this price hike. In fact, Malaysian imports (which includes many necessities) will certainly see price spikes. :(

That's all I guess.

Before I go, I'll just say that I'm going to be less active on PC until end-November. Major examination coming up... Can't screw it up.
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