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Fall 2008 Anime Season: Day 4-7

Posted October 10th, 2008 at 8:00 PM by digi-kun

Jigoku Shoujo Mitsuganae [Supernatural]
A general synopsis of the Hell Girl series is that there’s a service online where you can exact your revenge on someone by sending them to hell. However in return, the user is also sent to hell when they die.
In the new series, the general group has reformed, and it seems Hell Girl has chosen a possible successor or host of some kind. Because of the focus on this host, it seems many of the people that access the site are generally people around her, in her school, etc.
Thoughts: Not bad, the first “revenge” was a mistake, which kinda tells me that the series is going to have a variety of deaths and such.
Kannagi – Crazy Shrine Maidens – [Supernatural?, Slice of Life]
While Jin wasn’t the one that cut the tree down, Nagi’s not happy about it when she finds out. With the tree gone, impurities start to spread, so Nagi enlists the help of Jin to clean the place up because he seems unphased by them. Inspired after watching some magical girl anime on television, Nagi actually makes her own wand for this purpose, leaving Jin at a loss for words. Since the primary focus of the series seems to be comedy, I don’t imagine that they need much more than that to drive the plot. Kannagi just resonates a lot of fun right now, so I’m really looking forward to the next episode where we should meet more of the other characters. (Random Curiosity)
Thoughts: Ya, I’m liking it mostly cuz it’s a slice of lifey series. Character designs are also pretty good. The animation isn’t too bad as well. Overall, it’s a pretty amusing series.
To Aru Majutsu no Index [Action, SciFi, Fantasy]
Main chara – Negation
The world today is a world where scientifically created espers are a normal thing. In addition, magic is also real, although it is not as known in world. Touma Kamijo was born with incredibly bad luck. In fact, his right hand seems to be able to pass this bad luck to whatever it touches. He then meets a girl dressed in robes lying on his balcony guardrail. It turns out she holds 103,000 forbidden texts in her head. As a result, she is being chased by a magic society. He then realizes that he has to protect Index for some reason we’re probably gonna figure out next ep.
Thoughts: It’s a bit of a Magic/Religion vs. Science type thing. Main thing I noticed when I was looking at this was that the music is by I’ve, which generally gives me a sense that this series is probably worth watching, or at least starting. Action hasn’t shown up yet though
Gundam 00 2nd season [Mecha]
Well ya, it’s Gundam 00’s second season. Go watch it if you watched the first season.
Ga-rei-zero [Action, Supernatural]
Hmmm…I don’t’ really get it, but it seems to be a demon hunting-like anime with modern weapons. Seeing as the site’s picture is the group that gets killed, I’ll assume it’s either like Higurashi, an ending to the series while the rest builds up, or ditching these people and following the girl.
Thoughts: It’s definitely interesting enough to keep watching. The solidness of the ending of the ep kinda intrigues me on how the episode is gonna work out.
Macademi Wasshoi [Action Comedy]
Um…it’s pretty much a harem anime that is split into two worlds: Magic and Real. But ya, the first ep was really just a standard introductory episode that just introduces all the characters. Not really too exciting.
Thoughts: Kinda generic magical harem type thing. Don’t really care too much for it, but the designs aren’t too bad.
Kyou no 5 no 2 [School Slice of Life]
If you’ve seen the OVA, it’s pretty toned down from what it was. If you’re new to the series, It’s a borderline ecchi Elementary Slice of Life.
Thoughts: Well, it’s definitely toned down from the OVA, which kinda make the series kinda pointless since the series bases itself on the fact that the main character gets into weird, ecchi-ish situations.
Skip Beat! [um...shoujo?]
Looks shoujo, forgot to watch it
Vampire Knight Guilty [Vampire]
Well, just in case you don’t already know that this series is out, it’s out. Ok, it’s pretty much a Shoujo-ish Vampire School-type plotline. Well, it’s vampires with two male leads, of course it’s shoujo.
Thoughts: Dunno, it’s vampire knight, you should already know if you’re gonna watch this anyways
Bihada Ichizoku [bwuh?]
Um…ya…if someone would tell me the plot, that would be great. Cuz I couldn’t stand the animation…
ef ~ a tale of melodies [Romance]
I kinda thought this might be a new series when I first saw the solid ending o the first series, but it seems this is both a prelude and a continuation. It has two timelines, one that focuses on Himura from before the first ef series, and another focusing on Kuze-san and Renji’s cousin, Mizuki. Based on the title, I’ll assume its focus is more on music than memories.

Thoughts: I’ve always been a fan of ef’s way of using their animation. Again, there are not many relations going on, which keeps the series to the point. Like memories, there is one triangle and one straight, confirmed relationship.
Kurozuka (ANN) [Action]
Kuro, a 12th-century man, flees into the mountains after losing to his brother, where he meets a strange, beautiful woman named Kuromitsu. Kuro falls in love with Kuromitsu but realizes she conceals a dark secret. She is unable to die and continues to live for thousands of years as Japan evolves into a future society.
Mouyou no Hako [Mystery]
It seems that after CLAMP did the designs for Geass, they went to this series. Generally it’s an investigation of the murder of girls.

Note how the quality deteriorates the further i get in these reviews XD
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