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Tag! You're it!

Posted October 6th, 2014 at 8:33 PM by Polar Spectrum

I was tagged by the Tao Trio dragon of ideals for this pretty neat seeming little event, which seems like a very sociable concept. ^^ After some shenanigans with gaining access to a blog - and possibly giving that access up after this - here it is.

1)What is your name (first, whole, doesn't matter)? If you're uncomfortable disclosing your name, then tell us where your username came from.

I'll take the risk. My name is Christian Starr. No, I didn't make that up, and no I'm not a christian religion rockstar. I'm actually- ironically - a deserter of the Christian faith. I've considered converting to judaism just to intensify the irony, but nah. That's too cheesy. It's also been Chris Lane, Chris Malone, and Chris Wolfe too. My mother remarried 3 times while I grew up, annnnd my siblings and I changed our names each time. Starr is her maiden name, which we all use now - and because myself and my brother/sister really only have her in our life still - not any of our 'dads'. I like Chris Wolfe the best, but the guy that came with that one was a jerk. And Chris Starr sounds cool too, so meh.

2)How did you find the Pokecommunity, and why did you join?

I found Pokecommunity like, 2 or 3 times. The first time I was here under a different username and stayed in touch with the site until a huge hiatus from the entire internet. I forgot the address, and my username + password when I returned, but stumbled upon the site a year or more later, leading to my recreating this account, and being here until now. I stick with sites I hang around usually. Only join the ones you wanna stick with's how I rollllll

3)What is your current stance on Pokemon, the franchise? Are you still in love with it, or is it something that you consider part of your childhood?

It's been a long and colored history. I had a holographic Charizard in elementary school. I was there when the schools banned pokemon cards. I had a playlight for my old GameBoy to play when the lights were out in my room and on car rides. I was with it all the way up til' fourth gen, where I took again, a hiatus from pokemon. (Plus I really didn't like fourth gen.) I had a glorious return to it in fifth gen, just when I was starting college, where my love of it all was reignited with Black and White, probably my favorite versions to date. (plus black and white are my favorite colors, together - so yeah) I'll be with pokemon for a long time to come I imagine. And I am happy with what they're doing - mostly because I don't take it too seriously, but I involve myself with it enough to know exactly what's going on. I have fun with Pokemon, and until it stops being fun (not likely soon) - I'll keep coming back.

4)If you could meet one person from PC in real life, who would that be? Name others if you want, but who is the main person?

Umm, woo that's a toughie. I'm not too close to too many people on here actually, I think the ones I talk with most are TGM, roaming murkrow, Zekrom, up until recently Larinelle ( :c where'd you go lara. I miss you.) and Blue. Oo, that's a good one. I'll go with Blue. He's cool - and we almost actually met when I was in Baltimore for a convention, but he had obligations out of town for an annual thing he does.

5)Tell us a little bit about yourself. Not too much, but enough to let us know you a little more. Afterall, that's the point of this!

I think I'm decently loudmouthed and extroverted enough to where anyone who would read this, or talks to me, already knows enough about me haaha. Although if anyone were to ask, I'm not really secretive. Key points for anyone not in that group though,
  • I'm bipolar
  • I don't sleep often.
  • I'm a student at Columbia majoring in Audio Design and Production
  • I'll rek ur sh*t in Gears of War m8
  • Dunsparce and Stunfisk are the lords of the pokeverse as far as I'm concerned

6)And lastly, which two people are you going to tag?

I think I'll tag the aforementioned Blueboi, annnnnd, y'know what, Northstar. They're cool.
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    I would meet you in real life too if i could.
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