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I am incredibly slow...

Posted October 30th, 2014 at 2:41 AM by Mana

Remember that whole tagging trend from a few weeks (a month?) ago? Well, turns out I was tagged and never actually got around to it. It was only browsing blogs todays that I remembered that my super-awesome mod partner, Adventure had put my name forward.

So I thought it was about time I put some effort in and got this down~

1) What is your name (first, whole, doesn't matter)? If you're uncomfortable disclosing your name, then tell us where your username came from.

Can I do both? My real name is Peter, but I think most people around here know me as Magic now (or SwiftSign/Swifty if they've been here long enough :<). I don't really mind what people call me, I react to pretty much anything these days!

Magic came from Magic Fox - basically just to mirror the Vulpix/Ninetales/Zorua themes I had going on all of last year. Taking out the Fox just made it a bit more classy :).

2) How did you find the Pokecommunity, and why did you join?

Like many here I was drawn in by the promise of Shiny Gold! It was my initial reasoning for joining up, and the ROM hacking forum was why I stuck around long enough to get used to the rest of the forum. It's pretty cool that one hack has brought in so many people in such a similar manner.

3) What is your current stance on Pokemon, the franchise? Are you still in love with it, or is it something that you consider part of your childhood?

It's something I'm still interested in, but I think I am growing more distant from it. I get a lot of hype before the product comes out but I'll quickly lose interest - sometimes it's just not what I'd choose to do. With games being much more diverse now, and many being more challenging and exciting Pokemon is a bit more... soft.

4) If you could meet one person from PC in real life, who would that be? Name others if you want, but who is the main person?

I really can't pick one person. I've been awful when it comes to keeping up with everyone on PC lately, there are a few people I wish I'd known in a social environment but necessarily the way this question is implying! Aha.

5) Tell us a little bit about yourself. Not too much, but enough to let us know you a little more. Afterall, that's the point of this!

I'm all over the place. Some people call me quiet, some call me loud. Most people here would probably say I'm a sensitive soul, but in real-life I'm quite the opposite. I confuse myself a lot of the time.

If you're one of the people I've spoken to a lot in the past and drifted from I'm very sorry. I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to reconnect over the rest of the year - so either hit me up in VMs, or I'll do the same shortly :3.

6)And lastly, which two people are you going to tag?

<tags anyone who didn't have a go the first time around>
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