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Xerxian XIV

Posted December 5th, 2014 at 1:45 AM by Alexander Nicholi

I'm going to try to do something new and interesting with my blog, in hope that it won't fall flat on it's face. There are scraps of thoughts that come to me, and I find them really valuable but cannot find a place to put them. I think if you read read my blog you'd would deserve something of a preemptive warning as to what these are, but essentially every so often I'll share a small block of text - random text that may or may not be on the ground for you to grab, and convention dictates titles I don't have so I'll let a fluff of a separate thought occupy that - that pop in and out of my thoughts. I wouldn't want to catch you off guard, and I hope you don't mind. So.

What if I told you that being really low makes you really high? What if I said that each extreme can be the same to the other? What if I shared that what each opposite is to each other is worth more than what they are from each other?

What if I told you that pain can be enjoyable?
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