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Top 10 List #5: Locations in Pokemon Games

Posted December 20th, 2014 at 2:15 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™

Note: I had debated for awhile whether to post a "Top 10 Reasons I'm Not Buying the Remake Games" but decided against it because of all the backlash it would stir up (hell, I thought the 7.8 review was being WAY too generous, and look how the fandom ripped that apart.) If people want to see that list, comment below and I'll consider it for a future blog post. Now, onto the list at hand

1. Villa (Platinum), Resort Area
Yes, Secret Bases allow more customization, but I prefer the Villa because it simply exudes opulence. It is an elegant, luxurious setting that only the unbelievably wealthy can afford to fully furnish, and stands as a shining example of your character's wealth and success.

2. Realgam Tower
Another example of opulence, Realgam Tower is a delightfully decadent symbol of the wealth and power Cipher once wielded - before they met Wes, lol

3. Parfum Palace
I like fancy, elegant places. Does it show? I was kinda hoping there was an option in X/Y to amass enugh money to buy this property from its current incompetent owner, but alas.

4. Battle Chateau
Another luxurious location, the Battle Chateau is unique in that it's an elegant locale that allows you to build your wealth by battling members of high society.

5. Shadow Pokemon Laboratory
Besides elegance, I also like science. Lots of science occurs here. I find the cold, steel walls of Cipher's lab oddly soothing and comforting.

6. Citadark Isle
There's a certain awesome factor associated with a high-tech, nearly inpenetrable fortress built into the side of a volcano, with a dizzying array of elevators and catwalks snaking through the facility. And is there a more perfect setting for a climatic final battle than the giant, sinister dome at the summit?

7. Cipher Key Lair
I like the name, I like the weird purple sludge flowing around the entrance, and I like the sinister aura that exudes from this modern-day pyramid of cold steel.

8. Silph Co., Saffron City
11 floors filled to the brim with enemy grunts. The most hostile corporate takeover you can imagine. A rival encounter that defines what a rival encounter should be like. And at the end, the series' most awesome criminal mastermind and the glorious prize that awaits you for thwarting him.

9. Five Island Rocket Warehouse
Not nearly as ambitious as their Silph operation, but this is property that the Rockets can actually claim as their own. The array of spin panels is absolutely intimidating, and the cages in the back room add a nice, sinister touch and a reminder of the facility's purpose.

10. Team Galactic Hideout
This locale also has that awesome laboratory vibe, and I especially enjoyed the Platinum version of this facility with its gathering hall from which Cyrus made his speeches.
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  1. Old Comment
    Nah's Avatar
    I'm interested in seeing that "Top 10 Reasons I'm Not Buying the Remake Games" list. Sure, lotta people might get uppity about your opinions, but people really need to stop getting uppity over things like someone's reasons for not liking a certain game.
    Posted December 20th, 2014 at 4:04 PM by Nah Nah is offline
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    Tek's Avatar
    I didn't dislike the Silph Co. location before.

    But I think I like it better after that description.
    Posted December 22nd, 2014 at 5:48 PM by Tek Tek is offline
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    BettyNewbie's Avatar
    I'd be interested in that "Top 10 Reasons I'm Not Buying the Remake Games" list, too. Some people just need to learn how to deal with differing opinions, and it's not like you're posting it in the forums.
    Posted December 23rd, 2014 at 9:04 PM by BettyNewbie BettyNewbie is offline
  4. Old Comment
    Elite Overlord LeSabre™'s Avatar
    All right, I think I'll go ahead and type up my list of reasons, and try to get it posted in the next day or two. It could make for interesting comments, especially since they'll be coming from someone who did not like the original Hoenn games.
    Posted December 25th, 2014 at 3:35 PM by Elite Overlord LeSabre™ Elite Overlord LeSabre™ is offline