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ORAS Leijon Run #2: The Legend Starts Here [LW#5][ORAS#2]

Posted January 23rd, 2015 at 2:00 AM by Salzorrah

The New Blog Craze!

Welcome to the second entry of the ORAS Leijon Run! I'm once again, arachnidsGrip and we are delving back into the roots of the Hoenn Region, in a new flavor! Join May, our protagonist, as she discovers the secrets hidden in the region, while she teams up with her wonderful Pokemon in battling every Trainer in Hoenn!

We would like to note that for those who wished not to be spoiled from the game, this is as far as you can go. As I won't be putting spoilers on the story, you may leave the blog entry now. For those who know the game, I encourage you to read on, as this playthrough will be told in a diary format!
Again, to reiterate;

[simple-spoil=Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire]You have been warned.[/simple-spoil]

Previously on the ORAS Leijon Run, May started her adventure in Hoenn, with her starter, Mudkip, traveled Southwestern Hoenn, with her team, met Team Aqua for the first time, and battled Roxanne for the Stone Badge! What awesome adventures do we expect today? Without further ado, here is the second entry of our story!

Winter 2014 - 3 days after the Rustboro Gym Battle
Dear Diary, It's May again! These past three days were kinda crazy. As I got out of the Rustboro Gym, right after I got my Stone Badge, I saw those Team Aqua grunts running away from the guy I helped before in Petalburg Woods. He apparently needed my help again, so I went to Rusturf Tunnel.

I noticed an old man panicking, he says that the grunt stole his dear Wingull. I had to go after him, and when I got inside the tunnel, he was trapped at a dead end.

We fought and I ultimately won. He gave me back the item he stole, and the Wingull. Turns out, the old man was Mr. Briney, he used to be a well known sailor back in the day, and lives in the cottage by Route 104. He said thanks, and if I ever needed him, he will be inside his cottage.

I went back to Rustboro, and was met by the Devon guy. He wanted me to go with him back to Devon Headquarters, so I did what I was told, and met President Stone. I was pretty shocked, meeting a powerful man like him. He asked me to deliver a letter to his son, Steven. Wait, why do I remember someone named Steven? Oh yeah, he was the one who gave me the Shiny Beldum.

Anyways, he said that he was in Dewford Town, which by the look of things, is the next gym I'm headed to. I gladly accepted his request, and after that, Rustboro City was behind me.

I went to Mr. Briney's cottage in Route 104, and asked him if I could go to Dewford on his boat, which he gladly accepted. Him and his Wingull, Peeko, boarded the boat, then followed by me, and we were off the mainland.

The air was crisp and tropic, smelling like salt and wild flowers, as flocks of Wingull soared above, and Tentacool swimming underneath.

It wasn't that long until I reached Dewford Town. I thanked Mr. Briney for the ride, and he said that I am welcome to ride with him, if I decided to leave the island.

While on the island, I managed to evolve my Poochyena to a Mightyena. I was pretty surprised when she glowed white. Now, I think I am ready to challenge the gym leader.

I went inside the gym, the place was really dark, can't see anything! Took me a while to find the switches, and battled the gym trainers, and finally reached the Gym Leader of Dewford Town, Brawly!

Battling him was tough at first, with Machop and Makuhita, injuring Marshtomp and Ninjask, but ultimately, I won. I got the Knuckle Badge from Brawly, which looks so rad, then proceeded to do the quest President Stone sent me to do.

I went inside Granite Cave, went a little deeper in tunnel, and found something amazing.

A prehistoric mural of what looks to be Legendary Pokemon were all patterned in the walls of one room. Then I saw a man, who to be quite honest, looked quite dashing. I approached him, and he noticed me.

Apparently, he was Steven! I gave him the letter, and he gave me his favorite TM, Steel Wing.

After that, I went back to Mr. Briney, and he said that I should deliver the Devon Parts to Slateport City to Capt. Stern. Oh my god, I forgot about the Devon Parts! It was in my bag for a long time too. So, I went with Mr. Briney, and sailed through the waters.

It was a little while before we landed in Slateport City. I was so excited. A new place, and sure enough, new Pokemon to see. Well, that's all I have for right now, my dear diary! :3

- May

And that ends this part of the run! Here is the current team of our protagonist, May!

May - Dewford Town

This wraps up our second entry of the ORAS Leijon Run! Thank you for taking the time to read this entry, It means so much! Next entry, we will see May arriving in the wonderful cities of Slateport and Mauville, and get her Dynamo Badge! Thanks and tune in to another entry of Leijon's Wall!

Leijon's Wall © arachnidsGrip

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