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ORAS Sit-rep #8: Mopping up the remnants

Posted January 6th, 2015 at 7:28 AM by Blade_of_darkness

So, progress in this game has been rather brisk this time. The last gym was nothing to write home about, aside from the ice puzzle. The leader himself just crumbled before me, just like all the others, thanks to my Electivire, though it did take a while since he had 5 'mons with him.

So, with the last badge at hand, The only thing that was left for me to do before the league was to mop up whatever parts of Hoenn that are still untouched by me, namely the parts that required Waterfall (especially Meteor Falls) & 123. 123 was the one that took the longest to clear, what with all the one-way cliff jumps that it has...

Still, once those are finished, I went to Pacifidlog, & went eastward to Ever Grande "City" blowing away whatever's left that's standing in my way. I've used the term city very loosely, as all Ever Grande has is a PC, that's it. Thus, it can't be called a city, as there's only one building there. Anyway, the league is within reach, once I get through Victory Road.
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    Pinkie-Dawn's Avatar
    Wallace's team was pathetic for someone who is the last gym leader. Aside from Milotic, the rest of his team were either unevolved or your run-of-the-mill fish Pokémon.
    Posted January 6th, 2015 at 9:41 AM by Pinkie-Dawn Pinkie-Dawn is offline