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Leijon News #1: PokéCommunity 2015 [LW#3][LN#1]

Posted January 14th, 2015 at 4:00 AM by Salzorrah

The New Blog Craze!

Good day to you all! My name is Leijon and this is Leijon News! For today's news, we will be looking at the new changes in the PokeCommunity Forums, what has been happening to my life, my PC life, and even a glimpse of what to expect in the next few entries of Leijon's Wall.


For those who have been sleeping in the depths of the PokeCommunity Forums, as most of you know, PC has started to implement some great features. Starting off the year with the remastered and remixed versions of two fan favorite styles, Route 167+ and Forever Standing, it was unanticipated, since no one expected them to be modernized in a way we could love them even more. This has also been followed by the modernization of Chromatic, another fan favorite, Garchompin' and Yggdrasil, and joining on the new fleet of PC 1.5 styles, Y-Axis.

We also saw the introduction of icons, which to be honest, was a great implementation.

Other quirky features were the new helpful thread icons, new font styles, and for the CSS lovers out there, the new bug feature that makes the padding irrelevant to the width and height!


A life update, I started my second semester of my freshmen year in uni, and to be honest, it is actually pretty interesting. Also, the Pope, yes, Pope Francis himself, is coming to the Philippines, which is where I live, and it's pretty exciting, since he's also going to visit our university as a part of his itinerary.


A lot has been booming in PC for me, not because of the new features, but for my activity and such. I became an Advisor in the PokeCommunity Minecraft Server, started Leijon's Wall, being back as a regular in the Battle Server, and I know that there's a lot more coming in the next few months.

Also, I'm going to change my username to arachnidsGrip as me and Omicron wanted to do a name collab and I have been wanting to use that alt since usernames were back. Don't worry, it won't have any effect in Leijon's Wall, since I'm still Leijon x3

As for the progress of Leijon's Wall, I think the blog is well-received, I know it's a bit shaky in the start but I think it's coming along nicely. After this, we might be seeing another ORAS Leijon Run, then a Gunner's Classy Sigs, and the first entry of Overpowered Onions, so watch out for that :3

That's all for today's news, I'm once again Leijon and this is Leijon News! Tune in to another entry of Leijon's Wall, soon!

Leijon's Wall © Leijon

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