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1/15 - Splatoon Hype is Real

Posted January 15th, 2015 at 5:11 PM by Cura

(Offical Splatoon Boxart)

Yesterday, we got another very nice look at some of the new content from Nintendo and the new IP of Mr. Miyamoto's called Splatoon and I must say honestly, there is a lot of very amazing content just to go over from this video alone. Other than the big news on Fire Emblem, Puzzles & Dragons, Majora's Mask 3D, Monster Hunter 4, and more, this stole the direct for me. (The trailer is listed below.)

Lets start off with some information said from the trailer. Nintendo has announced that the game will feature a four-on-four team battle mode as well as single player campaign. Alone this opens many questions, what battle modes will there be? We do know that 'Territory Control' is going to be a gamemode with the teams trying to cover the battleground with the most paint of their color to win. However; will there be other modes of play? For example, King of the Hill, Domination, or the classic Deathmatch style of modes? I know this sounds a little bit of a stretch, but its just to get the ball rolling with ideas and thought.

Another interesting bit of information is that when you first boot up Splatoon, you'll be met with the Hub of all the games active (through Nintendo's Network, of course). Just seeing this hub and how its designed just screams Jet Set Radio. The music, the feeling, the everything about it. From the shown image above and in the trailer, we know that the big radio tower straight ahead is the place where the player can play multiplayer (and possibly singleplayer as well) with others online. It should also be pointed out that the hub also has many shops around it, as shown above as well.

As shown in the trailer and explain on during the direct, the game uses in-game currency earned through playing the game (solo and multi). This money is used in the shops to alter your inkling's appearance as well as their stats from, headgear to their shoes. They can also purchase weapons to use when playing in either gamemode as well.

Again, more of my questions are here. For example, will there be a leveling system in game? This means as you play online, you gain experience and level-up as you win (or lose) alongside gaining your currency for the shops. The reason why I ask this is due to another question. Unlockables. As you begin the game, naturally speaking, you should have only the starter equipment, items, and clothing available or have a limited selection to purchase. As you progress up that level tree, you would unlock items, get rewards, and then gain more customization abilities. A reward system in a way. And knowing Nintendo with past titles that had customization (a rare few), they would also have challenges that would unlock more unique and powerful items for characters. This would make the player feel more interested in playing more often, so they can get the unlocks and rewards for playing the game.

One of my most favorite and key sections about this game is the customization options. A quick tidbit is that you can pick your gender as some characters appear female and others are male which is nice to see. In the demo/trailer during the direct. We got a good look at it in action after the shops were displayed for us. Though there is a lot of look over and actually examine here. First off, look at the selection area to the top left. Other than the cute inkling cursor, there is something we can look at. Do you see it? Some hats = Shoe? Or Headphones = Inkling Ink? It seems to show that all items change your stats as two of the hats increase your movement speed while the headphones allow you to use more ink? I am personally unsure what this means, but I do know the selected shoes at the bottom allow better jumps when transformed. Also, what is with those black circles and question marks? Traits not yet discovered huh?

You can also see the three weapons that are selected. The paint gun, bazooka, and grenades. Now we do know from the trailer that there are three weapon types. Primary, Secondary, and Special. As such, they would be here on your equipment screen; but again another question. For example, the main weapons, we saw the Machine Gun, Roller, and Sniper Rifle. Is that just it? Or is there more weapons available, but unknown to us. This is what I am asking and it goes with my unlockables question.

Towards the end of the video, they talk about how Miiverse will play into the game's online mode which is very nice and cool. But look at what it confirms, 'Level 7', there is INDEED a leveling/reward/unlocking system in this game. So my final question to ask is, we know Nintendo is all happy with amiibo hype. Don't get me wrong, I love my Peach and so-to-be Rosalina amiibos, but still. How will amiibos work with Splatoon? Will it give you a new outfit? Weapons? Or maybe something more? Its unsure to say, but over all. This game is looking amazing, and the hype is completely real. Launching this May (Hey look! My birthday morth!), get ready to cover your foes in ink.

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    Pinkie-Dawn's Avatar
    TF2 in a nutshell, except the hats actually change your stats.
    Posted January 15th, 2015 at 5:15 PM by Pinkie-Dawn Pinkie-Dawn is offline
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    Cura's Avatar
    Yeah, its alot like TF2, but personally. Its pretty unique on its own as well.
    Posted January 15th, 2015 at 5:17 PM by Cura Cura is offline