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Underground Tuesdays revamp. #1

Posted January 27th, 2015 at 1:50 PM by Omicron

As part of El Héroe Oscuro's Daily Bloggity, Underground Tuesdays showcased songs by bands that are not very famous or as recognized as they should be. I really loved those entries and always looked forward to them, waiting for new awesome songs. So, I decided to revamp the series and make the entries myself. With constant collaboration from Matt, and anyone who is interested, every Tuesday I'll post 3-5 songs that I like and think more people should know. My inbox is always open, so if you have any suggestions for the next edition, feel free to PM me! I will always give credit where credit is due.

For the first entry, I wanted to make a kind of nostalgia trip. These three songs were in the first edition of Underground Tuesdays I read. I loved them and are some of my favorite songs now. So here they are now:

1.-The End of The World by Hugh Coltman from El Héroe Oscuro

2.-Fear and Delight by The Correspondents from El Héroe Oscuro

3.-Wonderlust King by Gogol Bordello from El Héroe Oscuro

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