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Leijon News #2: Valentine's Day [LW#6][LN#2]

Posted February 13th, 2015 at 5:00 PM by Salzorrah

The New Blog Craze!

Good day to you all! My name is arachnidsGrip and this is Leijon News! For today's news, we will be talking about Valentine's Day, what has been happening to my life, my PC life, and the reason why this blog came in a sudden hiatus without notice.


For those who don't know it yet, today is February 14th, also known as Valentine's Day! For some, it is the day where couples go out and have a wonderful day. While others, it is the day where singles just stay at home, eat ice cream, and tell to themselves, you don't need that mushy love!

Also, the forums has released a forum-wide event wherein you can send your messages to your secret admirer, your pair, or just plain your friends!


I had been stuck in a rut for quite a while now, with uni and unexpected family problems, it has taken a toll for me, but don't you worry, I'm fine! Although, I'm kinda quite sad today, for reasons I can't really disclose here.


Because of my life, I had to take an unprecedented hiatus from Leijon's Wall. I also am having trouble getting respondents, which is why you are not yet seeing the first entry of Overpowered Onions. Most probably OP Onions will be pushed back further, to make room for another ORAS Leijon Run, and a GPod, while I sort this problem.

That's all for today's news, I'm once again arachnidsGrip and this is Leijon News! Tune in to another entry of Leijon's Wall, soon!

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