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Springfield is a hell of a town.

Posted February 15th, 2015 at 6:55 AM by Chikara

Gosh it's been a while since I posted a blog. Hi everyone!

A lot has changed in my life while I was away from PC. I think it was a good three years that I just poofed owo; Anyway! I used to live in Florida, my parents did a Wow Fantastic job of making sure I couldn't live the way anyone my age normally lives. I was a 22 year old who had to be home every night at 12am, no exceptions. Which is cool, my parents wanted to make sure I didn't get into trouble. I get it. But there were no exceptions to that rule.

So I moved to Springfield, Missouri with my boyfriend(maybe I'll post a blog about how we met and everything later on) and I'm honestly so happy now aah. I got a job, I'm starting school for Surgical Technology either in the Spring or Summer, and the freedom is so great.

I miss my parents, but I wouldn't move back for pretty much anything. I get to see snow, there's hills and mountains here. Elevation in the road. It's all so new and exciting, I can't even really describe it aah ;w;

Uh, oh! Valentines Day! I had an awesome one~ We went to the local Gastropub, had a couple drinks, then went glow golfing owo... Which is basically mini/putt putt golf with blacklights and neon pain everywhere. It was lame, but we both had a lot of fun. He beat me by 4 points, which meant I lost our bet(loser takes two shots of moonshine, winner takes 1). Thank god I didn't have to work today.

Aaaand he got me a cactus plant :D (bear with me here)
He didn't want to get me something that would die in three days, he knows I'm not a fan of chocolate, and I already own Majora's Mask 3D which was his last idea. So he got me a pretty cactus assortment ;w;! I love it, surprisingly. We put it by the window and it's helping us both so much with our morning allergies. I woke up without a stuffy nose today, how amazing is that. It's actually really pretty, seriously, look.
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